VAR business must prep for cloud computing services

An increase in demand for cloud computing services and applications is expected for 2010, according to experts at this year's IDC Directions conference, and there are many ways a VAR business can benefit.

In this interview with IDC's vice president of infrastructure channels and alliances, Janet Waxman describes the kinds of applications that solutions providers can expect to see moving to the cloud and why cloud computing services have yet to reach their full potential in the market.

Use this video to find out which cloud computing services can be the most profitable to a VAR business.

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VAR business must prep for cloud computing services

Janet Waxman: Applications moving to the cloud are not the core applications of the company. It’s things like email, it's things that are sort of very general. They have to be secure, but they're not going deep into the applications. The business-critical applications that are running the business are not going to the cloud; it's the things that support that.

Things like productivity tools. Things like, for example, whatever the word processing software that a company is using, their email, their spreadsheets. Not the data that's in the spreadsheets, not their financials; those things are kept within the company. It's more across; the things that are very horizontal, that are more collaborative tools. Those kinds of things are going in the cloud.

Interviewer: Are there certain areas where you see the most growth for cloud computing services?

Waxman: Cloud computing services: this is a relative immature market. Being able to identify where the key growth areas are right now, I think is a little bit premature. I think that the market has a long way to go until it settle outs. I think that one of those really clear services is implementation services, having customers understand how to take advantage of the cloud, what the cloud's going to mean to them, how do they deploy the cloud, how do they work with the cloud, what kind of providers should they be looking at? It's all about the basics about providing the cloud services around it.

In regard to specific cloud services, such as cloud email, the market hasn't matured to that level yet. The market's going to move where the customers want to move. It's around collaborative services around the cloud.

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