Using 64-bit processors in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010

Running the new version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 with 32-bit processors isn't an option for solutions providers. At the 2009 SharePoint Technology Conference in Boston, Michael Noel, principal consultant at Convergent Computing, explains why you should prepare your clients for 64-bit processors now before the release of SharePoint Server 2010.

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Using 64-bit processors in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010

Michael Noel: It's been publicly acknowledged that 64-bit will be required. It's not generally going to be that big of a deal, particularly if you already made the leap to 64-bit servers on your existing SharePoint 2007 environment. If you have not, it's probably recommended at some point in the future to even consider bringing your SharePoint 2007 environment to 64-bit to make sure that all the custom Web parts are working properly in a 64-bit environment.

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