Novell's SUSE Appliance Program benefits ISVs

Senior News Director Barbara Darrow interviews John Dragoon, the senior vice president and channel chief at Novell Inc.

The spotlight is on Novell's new SUSE Appliance Program, which allows ISVs to create, deploy and manage applications using a virtual software appliance.

Dragoon discusses key benefits of the program, the process for creating software appliances with SUSE Studio and how Novell partners can sell the software appliances.


Read the full transcript from this video below:

Novell's SUSE Appliance Program benefits ISVs

Barbara: Darrow: We’re here with John Dragoon; the channel chief for Novell. We’re talking about the SUSE Appliance Program. I’m wondering if you tell our readers what this is and why they need to care about it.

John Dragoon: Sure. Good questions. [The SUSE Appliance Program is] the first program -- it’s both a program and a set of technologies -- to allow independent software vendors to create, deploy and manage applications in what’s called a "virtual software appliance."

Darrow: So they can do vertical applications.

Dragoon: Absolutely. They can combine, very seamlessly, with a few clicks through the SUSE Studio Online Appliance, combine an operating system, SUSE Linux Enterprise, with middleware, database and their application and create that as a virtual appliance. They should care [because] it expands their market opportunity, it’s faster time to market and, frankly, [it] gives them lower support cost in delivering a better software experience.

Darrow: What’s the go-to-market delivery? If I’m a Novell partner, can I sell these things?

Dragoon: Yeah, absolutely. If you’re a Novell independent software vendor, you can come to the SUSE Studio site, create this software appliance, and then the downstream partner, distributors and resellers can actually take the appliance that is created by an independent software vendor and sell it through their channels.

Darrow: Great. How do these appliances differ from the traditional hardware appliances we’ve seen out there for a couple of years now?

Dragoon: This is specifically a software appliance. What this allows for is independent software vendors and their downstream partners to participate in these evolving models of cloud computing, for instance. If I’m an independent software vendor looking to get my application deployed on the cloud, we’re going to that through a virtual software appliance, and that allows them to do that in a very seamless and easy way. It differs specifically from a hardware appliance in there’s no hardware involved here. It’s just the software: the application and the operating system.

Darrow: If they want to, they can set it up so their applications can be deployed via Amazon or . . .

Dragoon: Absolutely. In fact, one of the pieces of the announcement is the SUSE Studio as an operating system of possibility or choice on the Amazon EC2 Cloud.


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