Novell partner program adds new partner incentives

Novell is rolling out new perks for its partners. Javier Colado, vice president and general manager for Novell partners, talks to about new market development funds, deal registration and rebates available to partners as part of its channel program.

Colado spoke at Novell's Waltham, Mass., headquarters. Later this year, Colado will become president of Novell's Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, and chief marketing officer John Dragoon will take over the Novell partner program.


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Novell partner program adds new partner incentives

Javier Colado: I'm Javier Colado. I'm the general manager for partners at Novell.

Barbara Darrow: Javier, one of the things we hear from partners is that, especially in this era, it's just harder and harder for them to make money off existing engagements and find new engagements. How will your new programs help partners make a profit?

Colado: That's exactly at the core of the changes we are making now. The changes we're making now are aimed to make sure we are making more profit, and that is done in two different ways. One is we are introducing our volume rebate; basically, once partners reaches a certain amount of revenue with us, they get a rebate, based on the total revenue. Second, we are introducing a deal registration system that will allow partners to reduce their deals and receive a back-end rebate, very aggressive back-end rebate. If they get involved in closing a new business in one of our existing accounts, it will be 10%. If they go into, and they help us to grow an entirely new account, it will be 20%. Hopefully, that will help them to increase significantly the profit they can make working with us.

Darrow: Novell has a pretty big product portfolio. Are you steering partners into any particular areas where there might be more green field for them?

Colado: We're steering partners in every single area. We have all the existing partners in all the user computing space, so basically, we want them to keep focus on the area. We have some existing partners, but we are doing a lot of recruitment in some other areas, like data center and identity and security management.

Darrow: Great. Thank you very much, Javier.

Colado: OK. Thank you.

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