Novell channel chief assures Novell partners about leadership

The Novell channel is in transition.

Pat Bernard, Novell's first vice president of global channel sales, left in August. The next month, Novell promoted Javier Colado from vice president in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region to general manager for partners. And later this year, Colado will become president of EMEA as chief marketing officer John Dragoon takes over the Novell channel.

In this video, filmed at Novell headquarters in Waltham, Mass., Colado explains the changes to Novell partners and says how they will help Novell partners increase profitability. 

Read the full transcript from this video below:

Novell channel chief assures Novell partners about leadership

Javier Colado: Hi. I’m Javier Colado. I’m the general manager for partners, at Novell.

Colin Steele: Javier, you are leading the channel program at Novell now. You just took over in September, and you’ll be transitioning the leadership to the chief marketing officer, John Dragoon, sometime later this year. Can you just to partners about what this transition means for them and assure them that the leadership at Novell will remain strong for partners.

Colado: Of course, this for the partners is a positive message. It’s something that we had in mind. I’ve been working very closely with John and his team in all the changes, even the past few months; the changes that we are launching today. In the meantime, we’ve been building a very strong team.

We have, in fact, recruited a few people, like Mark Taylor and Steve Hill, that are going to be leading the channel for some of our focus areas, focus solutions. During that time, as I said, we’ve been building that together. In terms of what that means for the partners, it means that they will be continuing on everything we’ve been building.

This transition makes sense, because as I said before, the focus has been on changing from an internal point of view things we need to change to become more attractive for partners. Next step will be to execute that on the field; make those changes realized on the field. For this, it will make a lot of sense for me to go back to EMEA and make sure that all these changes will get executed in the team, in EMEA.

Steele: I’d imagine having a marketing guy like John will help do that for the channel, as well.

Colado: Of course. As I said before, he’s been involved since the very first day. We’ve been working very closely, and we are building together that team. In terms of what that means for the partners, we’ll be continuing. Having John in that role will, of course, reinforce what we’ve been doing so far.

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