Microsoft cuts Gold and Certified partner designations

The Microsoft Gold and Certified partner titles will be things of the past under the new Microsoft Partner Network, announced at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 in New Orleans.

Alan "Skip" Gould, CEO of Microsoft partner BrightPlanIT in Buffalo, N.Y., talks about the changes to the Microsoft channel partner program in this video.


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Microsoft cuts Gold and Certified partner designations

I think the name change is kind of irrelevant, but I think the opportunity to have 30 different competency areas now, and areas where we can really shine as an organization, is important to us. I think our organization historically has been almost on a mission to try and be the general practitioners and play in as many competencies as possible, so we're excited to have 16 or so more to play in now, and are anxious to see them all delineated so that we can actually take steps to get involved in some of that.

I know a couple of them, we were early adopters in virtualization and the voice competency areas with Microsoft, but we haven't really heard what all the rest of them are about to be, or be announced, so we're anxious this week to get the rest of the details.

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