Microsoft channel partner program changes on the way

Changes to the Microsoft channel partner program made big news at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 in New Orleans. The company will require partners to get more specialized to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

In this video from WPC 2009, Microsoft partner Dave Sobel, CEO of Evolve Technologies in Fairfax, Va., talks about the channel program changes that are coming as part of the new Microsoft Partner Network.


Read the full transcript from this video below:

Microsoft channel partner program changes on the way

Dave Sobel: I think Microsoft continues to evolve the partner program. They by far have the best partner program in the market space and engage most closely with the partners. They want to make sure that they're differentiating [among partners]. I think for enterprise customers, this makes a huge difference. At least in small to medium-sized businesses where my company plays, this does allow an engaged partner to really differentiate themselves well, and show the value of their educational investment to their customers.

I'm excited about the changes. I like the fact that Microsoft continues to respond to partner and customer demand, and continue to try and improve the program. I'm excited by that.

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