Microsoft Hyper-V R2 technology services opportunities

New Microsoft Hyper-V R2 technology like Live Migration presents more services opportunities for channel partners.

Dave Sobel, CEO of Microsoft partner Evolve Technologies in Fairfax, Va., discusses these Hyper-V R2 technology services opportunities in this video from the Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 in New Orleans.

Read the full transcript from this video below:

Microsoft Hyper-V R2 technology services opportunities

Dave Sobel: The great thing about Server 2008 R2 is that, finally, [it's] feature-equivalent with VMware in all the key areas. In particular, live migration just makes a huge difference on the competitive edge. VMware was able to save vMotion, able to do things live and transition from machine to machine, and Microsoft couldn't say that. Now the two platforms really are equivalent.

Of course, Microsoft has the edge, in terms of familiar management tools that Microsoft Certified Professionals are already qualified to use, so that makes a big difference for people engaging from that perspective. You don't have to train your staff on an entire new management interface. I think this gives Microsoft a real competitive edge and way to go to market, and it really takes on VMware.

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