McAfee CEO: How to gain VAR business partner opportunities

In this exclusive interview, Dave DeWalt describes various opportunities for VARs to partner with security solution providers, including what technical skills and certifications are currently the most sought-after.

About the speaker:
Dave DeWalt is CEO and President of McAfee Inc.

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McAfee CEO: How to gain VAR business partner opportunities

Mike Mimoso: Hello. I am Mike Mimoso. Today I am here with McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt.
Thank you for joining me today, Dave.

Dave DeWalt: Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Mike Mimoso: Let's dig into the channel a little bit. What are some of the
opportunities you see for VARS in the coming years?

Dave DeWalt: We have been doing a lot to partner. We are 100% dedicated to our
channel and to our partnering model, and we have introduced a number
of channel programs. We had our user conference just a week ago and
introduced a number of new programs to work with McAfee:
certifications, training, ways in which they can get involved with
McAfee more. 100% dedicated there.

Mike Mimoso: Are you looking to recruit more VARS, and if so, what kinds of expertise
are you looking for?

Dave DeWalt: It is not just the regional valued reseller. We love them -- often
times they have deep technical expertise. One of the strategic
decisions we made at McAfee is not to be a services company. We want
to be a good partner to all of our channels. We often times are
looking for deep technical expertise that can also implement our
product, as well as consult with customers around our product, and it
has created a nice symbiotic relationship with our channel, helping
them do services while we build product.

Mike Mimoso: As a final question, can you talk a little bit about those changes to
your channel program that you alluded to?

Dave DeWalt: Yes. There have been about 10 different programs that we just
released. It goes to everything from trying to make it easier to
partner with McAfee. We have recently been upgrading our customer
relationship management infrastructure to enable our partners to
connect online, place orders, look at quotes and just make it very
simple to work with McAfee, and that ranges all the way to a price
list change, making it easier for them to operate with our company,
all the way through to the way in which we deliver our products to our
channel. There is a whole initiative around make it easier to partner
with, but we have also gone after education and training partnerships
as well as consulting, and have offered a number of programs to help
our partners get trained easier, certified easier on security with
McAfee and also some incentives, some real margin improvement
incentive for them, spiffs and programs that help them with rebates,
MDFs and other types of models to make money too.

Mike Mimoso: Great. Thank you for joining us today.

Dave DeWalt: Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Mike Mimoso: Thank you for watching. I'm Mike Mimoso.

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