Demo: Cisco Quad offers mobile enterprise social networking


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Demo: Cisco Quad offers mobile enterprise social networking

Cisco representative: Like in any other app store, you can see the description for Quad, what are the ratings, the features, everything else that you have … and it is free. I'm going to install it.

It … says, "These are the permissions that you need to grant to have Quad installed." I'm going to continue, I'm going to accept those permissions. Then you will see it's going to the network, it's procuring the application. Once it's finished, I'm going to be notified. You see here, "One application's installed." This application installed here is Quad.

Now I can go here, and I can see that Cisco Quad was installed. Let me go back to Home. I say, "I'm going to bring Quad; that now shows here, and I'm going to put it on my desktop." I'm going to put it on my desktop, and I'm going to put it right here. The first time I log in, it's going to ask me for my credentials: username, password and server name. I have those credentials saved in that one. …

I have Quad here already configured. It's going to go to my Quad website and you can see here this interface that has your Home. You can change your status, of course. I can say . . .

Show attendee: Cisco Quad, what is that? That is the enterprise Facebook, or what?

Cisco representative: Exactly.

Show attendee: Exactly!

Cisco representative: It's enterprise social software, is what it is. I'm doing a demo. I can change my status immediately. I can also look for people. I can choose, I can email them, chat, I can call them. You see I'm using the quick wheel here. We did some development so you can do right-click, click wheel, so you can use a mouse in the traditional.  … I can do whatever I want. If I want to go to User 1, I can see which is …

Show attendee: Which is user am I?

Cisco representative: You are user …

Show attendee: 12?

Cisco representative: I think you're User 49 or 50.

Show attendee: OK. Can you call me?

Cisco representative: Absolutely, I can. Give me one second. Let's say, that User 50 is a user that I want to call. From User 50, this is a user-driven interface that is also tied to Quad. It shows my application. If I have a Quad calendar event or something, I can show it here. From here, I just can click and I can show the ribbon and all the activities I can do with this person. I'm going to call User 50, and User 50 is taking my call. I'm going to mute here so we don't have feedback.

Show attendee: Hello. You can hear me? How can I turn on the video?

Cisco representative: This demo, this station is the collaboration demo. The video demo is right there.

Show attendee: OK.

Cisco representative: We disabled; this is one thing that I can do. I can disable video for every station or enable it whenever I want it.

Show attendee: OK. You can disable the video connection between the collaboration and the administration.

Cisco representative: Yes, exactly.

Show attendee: OK. Should I hang up?

Cisco representative: Yes, please. Thank you.

Cisco representative 2: That has Bluetooth, so you don't have to hold the Cius to your ear.

Cisco representative: Let me go back to the Quad. I'm going to go back, and I'm going to go back to Quad. In Quad here, I can call, I can send email, the user, and things like that. I can see all the profile, all the activities that this user is doing, all the posts that she has done. There are no posts for this user. Who's following her, in this case it's me, I'm User 49. I'm better looking in this picture, and who this user is following. User 1 is following User 2.

I can also go back, of course, and I can check my communities. I don't have any communities here right now. I can check all of the communities, and as our committee calls it, Serious Video Model, and I can join that community if I want. When I go to Community, now I can go in, there are no activities but I can see who are the members, what are the posts. This is just a sample community. I can join or do whatever I want, and of course, I can check all the posts.

I can check every post, and this is the post that I did, Welcome to Quad. We have created this first post; I can decide who to share it [with], and things like that. Everything that I can do with Quad from a PC on a Web browser, I can do it from here with a new graphical user interface that is all tied in. If you see here, I can go from every activity that I have to every activity that I want to have, and my presence, my indication, my activities, my posts, everything is connected.

For the users, for example, and see that everything is connected. That's the nice thing about Cius. You don't have to stitch together any applications; they stitch them together. You have Quad, it automatically says, "Do you have Jabber?" Yes I do. "Do you have presence?" Yes I do. They put them together and they start working. I can initiate a call, a chat or whatever I want from Quad, from Jabber or from the phone. I don't have to go and open another application to do anything. I can do everything from any application; that's part of the Cisco collaboration.

Show attendee: This is developed by Cisco?

Cisco representative: Exactly, yeah. Let's say I decide that with Quad, I'm going to use Microsoft SharePoint to share documents. I can integrate it too, of course. If I have users that use Link, we federate presence, but they don't, but let's say Microsoft Office Communicator did. They have Office Communicator, that have presence, we can connect each other, and we can be on the same community. With Quad we can have all this integration going all together. These calendar and email applications that I have here, I have connected them back to an Exchange server. This is just an Exchange server that we set up somewhere, from Microsoft. I can have my email here. Again, I'm in email, I want to click, and I can jump wherever I want to. Or I can decide to go back and say, "No, no, no. I want to do calendar."

In my calendar, we have an event here that had a WebEx meeting that I can join directly, or you see these little buttons here; Start, Start, Start? Whenever I have an activity that includes a WebEx call, I can start it right from here. I don't need to go and open WebEx to start my WebEx; I can start it from everywhere.

That's part of the integration that we're doing. I think it's very powerful and really nice. I just click on Start, I'm signing on WebEx, and where I'm going to start our Web collaboration session, just like that.

Rachel Shuster: How is Quad really going to affect the enterprise?

Cisco representative: We have hundreds, literally thousands of customers that are looking for use cases for workgroup teaming, that have distributed teams around the world. They want to discover the experts. These days it's very difficult to pay for traveling the world and fly everywhere, so they want to give them tools like social [networking], like Facebook, but that are going to be controlled, secured, encrypted and managed. … At Cisco [we] use Quad as our main website anymore. We don't have an internal website; we have Quad.

If I need to share something with someone, I post it in Quad. We are using way less email, because when I have to discuss something with you, instead of sending an email, I check if you are present. We start a chat session and we document and thread that session instead of sending emails back and forth. If I had to invite 300 people to that discussion, everything is documented on one thread. No more email, thank God. If I need to post a document, I post it there, and everybody [accesses it] directly there. No more files flying around either.

If you ask me how enterprise social software and Quad is going to be used in the enterprise, think about how you use it for your personal stuff, put it in an enterprise context, and you will realize the power that you can unleash when you have your employees collaborating with each other, with a tool that actually works the way they want it to work.

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