Cisco Quad and Cius cause commotion at Cisco Live 2011


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Cisco Quad and Cius cause commotion at Cisco Live 2011

Rachel Shuster: Hi. This is Rachel Shuster, with Search Networking Channel. I’m here at Cisco Live 2011, in Las Vegas. We’re at the end of the week, and a lot of really exciting things have happened this week: a lot of announcements, both some underwhelming and some exciting. One of the things that Cisco was really pushing this week was the Cius, which ... everyone is curious about. Channel partners, customers, we’re all curious as to what is the Cius and what makes it different. I was pretty skeptical about the Cius, and Cisco kept saying, “It’s not just a tablet. It’s not just a tablet. It’s so much more than just a tablet.” This whole week I’ve really been searching for that answer. What sets it apart?

It’s primarily for the enterprise, so that’s one aspect of it. OK. It’s primarily for the enterprise. When the press finally got a chance to really play with the Cius, see what it’s about, it was pretty cool, pretty interesting. It’s versatile. I think it would probably be successful in the enterprise. However, it still is a tablet. Is it really going to work in the enterprise for you? Can channel partners really sell it as something completely different than the iPad and other tablets out there? That sort of remains to be seen. I guess we’ll see what happens.

One aspect of the Cius that was pretty cool was Cisco Quad; that’s their social networking technology. It seemed pretty intuitive, pretty basic. I also spoke to someone with Cisco who mentioned that’s all they use with their communication devices and communication technologies at Cisco. No more email, none of that; they only use Quad. Of course they would, they’re with Cisco, but does that mean that other people in the enterprise will ultimately only use Quad? Again, it remains to be seen. Cisco is really pushing Quad, really pushing the fact that it’s different, new, unlike anything else, but it remains to be seen.

It also remains to be seen if channel partners can really sell it as something that’s completely different than any other tablet out there. Channel partners might really have to dig deep into what the Cius is. They really will have to talk to Cisco and say, “I’m selling this out to customers so I need to know what’s different, what’s new, what’s exciting, and what’s really going to seal the deal on this sale.” I think it will be a combination of really collaborating with Cisco, trying to pull the information out of them to really see what’s new, what’s different, and really make it work for the channel partners and for customers, which ultimately is the most important thing, making sure that customers are satisfied, but also that channel partners can be successful in selling it.

I think it’s going to be a learning experience all around, for channel customers, for customers. I also think that Cisco is still going to have to learn a lot about what channel partners need and what customers want.

In regards to that, we’ll keep you updated. Thanks.


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