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Xen vs. KVM virtualization study guide for VARs

The Xen vs. KVM debate brings a few factors to the table that solution providers need to consider during the hypervisor decision process. Test your KVM virtualization knowledge in this study guide.

While Xen is still the preferred choice of many IT shops, the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) platform is catching up and solution providers should know the details of the Xen vs. KVM debate for inquiring customers. There are a number of interoperability benefits from KVM's inclusion in the Linux kernel, but there are also some places where it doesn't measure up to the more mature Xen.

In this study guide we will discuss how KVM virtualization can help you with patch management and the required steps for a Xen-to-KVM virtual machine migration. You will also read why factors such as resources or platform support are important to customers that choose Xen over KVM.

Take this 10-question quiz to see how the Xen vs. KVM debate affects solution providers and get access to more KVM virtualization resources.

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