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Virtualization Study Guide

Virtualization is an increasingly important technology that service providers can derive business from. Use this study guide to test your knowledge of virtualization.

Virtualization is growing increasingly important as a technology that service providers need to know and understand; it touches many parts of an IT infrastructure, from servers to applications to storage systems to desktops, and its presence in the enterprise is only likely to grow. Use this study guide to test and bolster your knowledge of virtualization.

  1. This term is the name given to an environment created within another environment, often to execute an instruction set different from that of the host.
    What is it?


  2. This term refers to a thin layer of software that enables multiple operating systems to share the same hardware processor.
    What is it?


  3. This is the name of the hypervisor layer in Windows Server 2008.
    What is it?


  4. This is the name for VMware ESX Server's primary front-end management tool.
    What is it?

  5. This is what AMD calls its virtualization technology, which is supported on its newer processors.
    What is it?

  6. This enhancement to virtualization technology allows for an interface to the virtual machine that can differ from that of the underlying hardware.
    What is it?

  7. This is what Intel calls its virtualization technology, which is supported on its newer processors.
    What is it?

  8. This is the name for Citrix's desktop virtualization approach.
    What is it?

  9. This is the name for VMware's benchmarking tool for virtualized workloads, which the company is promoting as an industry standard.
    What is it?

  10. These are the two former names for Microsoft's virtualization product that will ship with Windows Server 2008.
    What are they?

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