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VMware vs. Virtual Server: Compare server virtualization products

Which of the two more popular virtual server options is best for your customer: VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server? helps you dig through the technology comparisons and jumpstart your virtual server project in this fast guide.

Supporting customers who want virtual servers is a challenging task for even the most experienced VARs. You have questions about server virtualization products, software, hardware and compliance that must be answered before undertaking such a project. One dilemma you may have for starters is just determining which of the two more popular virtual server options is best for your customer: VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server? Digging through all the available information can be almost as daunting as getting the project started. has done that task for you.

   Virtualization solutions
   VMware vs. Microsoft Virtual Server face off
   Microsoft Virtual Server technical advice
   VMware technical tips

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  • VMware
    VMware's free virtualization tools have become a staple in the server virtualization game. Check out the company's product offering and educational resources.

  • Microsoft Virtual Server
    A relatively new offering, Microsoft's Virtual Server is attempting to make inroads to the virtualization market. Find out from the company itself the benefits of choosing to support and sell this product.

  • Installing and deploying VMs on enterprise servers
    The book Virtualization: From the Desktop to the Enterprise by Chris Wolf and Erick M. Halter will investigates three server virtualization applications: Microsoft Virtual Server, VMware GSX Server and VMware ESX Server.

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  • Helping customers choose a server virtualization solution
    When you're approached by customers considering virtualization, you must be prepared to answer specific questions. How much? What operating systems are compliant with the technology? What new hardware or software will it require? Andrew Kutz breaks down VMware Server, VMware ESX Server 2.5.3, Microsoft Virtual Server, Xen 3.0 and XenEnterprise, outlining what each one can mean to an organization.

  • Why VMware still trumps Microsoft Virtual Server
    Serdar Yegulalp discusses the differences between VMware Server and Microsoft Virtual Server. Which is more popular and what are the benefits of choosing one over the other?

  • Microsoft Virtual Server vs. VMware
    Is the gap between VMware and Virtual Server so wide that one presents a clear cut choice over the other? The differences -- while present -- may not be so noticeable.

  • VMware 'miles ahead' of Microsoft Virtual Server, expert says
    Customers are getting together to try and decide whether or not virtualization is the right move for their company to make. VARs like yourself should take notice of what those customers are being told -- it may ultimately affect how you conduct business.

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  • Debunking Microsoft Virtual Server myths
    What are the common misperceptions about Microsoft Virtual Server and what can you do to avoid or dispel them? The three most common are discussed here.

  • Microsoft Virtual Server from the ground up -- Comparing Virtual Server with Virtual PC
    What are the real differences between Microsoft Virtual Server and Virtual PC? This is a difference that customers will expect you to know. Find out the differences between the two platforms and learn how both can help a business.

  • Installing Microsoft Virtual Server
    What do you need to know to properly install Virtual Server? Get the basics here.

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  • VMware doesn't rule out Microsoft's Virtual Appliance
    Just because a customer has settled on VMware as their virtualization platform doesn't mean Microsoft's Virtual Appliance is out of the question. Expert Harley Stagner explains how VARs can help make the two coexist.

  • How VMware Server works -- Getting started with VMware on Windows
    Virtualization education can never be stressed enough -- it can make or break your support business. A critical aspect of any education is having a strong grasp on the basic concepts that will allow you to be successful while installing and supporting a product. This is no different for VMware than it is any other product. Take advantage of this educational resource on VMware.

  • Installing VMware GSX Server for Windows
    Step-by-step instructions can often be your best friend. Using a book excerpt as your guide, learn about the requirements for working with VMware GSX Server and then get instrustions for installation.

  • Installing GSX Server for Linux
    What if your uses Linux instead of Windows? No problem. These step by step instructions will make installing a VMware GSX Server on Linux a snap.

  • Installing VMware ESX Server
    Have you figured out how to install the ESX Server on Linux? Take the next step and get the technical advice you need to install it on a server.

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