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Tutorial: Offering WAN optimization services

WAN optimization appliances help corporations improve WAN performance and provide consultative sales opportunities for resellers. Learn the benefits of WAN optimization, how it works and how to choose the right appliance for your customer's specific needs with this tutorial.

The addition of bandwidth-hogging, high-availability applications to the IP network is requiring many organizations to increase WAN speeds without adding expensive bandwidth. WAN optimization appliances claim to do just that. Value-added resellers (VARs) who know how to offer WAN optimization services can make a hefty profit in this market -- but the WAN optimization market is crowded and competitive, with vendors incorporating a variety of technologies.

Navigating the market and choosing the right product

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 can be challenging – and it's only going to become more so. According to an article on, Infonetics Research found that the "WAN optimization market will see double-digit annual growth through 2009, with annual unit shipments nearly tripling and revenue more than doubling."

All this points to a prime opportunity for VARs and solution providers who offer WAN optimization services to help customers identify and deploy the right product. This tutorial is designed to get you up to speed on the benefits of WAN optimization, how it works and how to choose the right appliance for your customer's specific needs.

Some benefits of WAN optimization include:


  • Increase WAN speeds without adding expensive bandwidth
  • Decrease network response times
  • Quick return on investment
  • Transfer files and applications in real time
  • Improve disaster recovery options
  • Improve end user productivity

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Understanding WAN optimization and the WAN optimization market

The ABCs of WAN optimization
WAN optimization products incorporate a variety of technologies to improve efficiency and throughput. VARs and systems integrators can develop their understanding of compression, application acceleration, caching, load balancing, bandwidth shaping, route optimization, quality of service and more, with this technical article.

WAN optimization basics
This introduction to WAN optimization, excerpted from The Shortcut Guide to Optimizing WAN Application Delivery, discusses the importance and basic methods of WAN optimization.

WAN optimization: Making the business case
In order to sell WAN optimization technology to your customers, you need to be able to translate its benefits into a business case. This article provides tips on creating a WAN optimization strategy and selling the technology to your customers.

WAN optimization: A market update
WAN optimization offers considerable ROI payoff, and the market is constantly on the move. In this tip, discover the factors currently influencing the WAN optimization market.

WAN optimization strategies and techniques

Getting the most from your WAN
Robert Whiteley, senior analyst for enterprise networking, Forrester, Inc., sheds light on how – and when – to navigate the WAN optimization and application acceleration markets to improve your customer's WAN performance.

WAN optimization strategies: Making the right decision
WAN optimization products are not one-size-fits-all. This article examines the options and illustrates how a few companies with different needs found the right technology to solve their WAN traffic problems.

The weight of the world -- on one IP network
WAN optimization appliances aren't the only answer to sluggish networks. You may be able to increase your customer's WAN speeds without adding an expensive appliance to the network.

WAN optimization techniques
WAN optimization techniques including bandwidth throttling, protocol re-engineering, compression, and redundant overlays are explained in this chapter excerpt from Realtime Publishers.

WAN optimization vendors (to name a few)
Blue Coat Systems
Expand Networks
Juniper Networks
Silver Peak Systems

Choosing the right WAN optimization tools

The right WAN optimization tool for your line card
Carefully chosen WAN optimization tools can make all the difference for your client's network. Learn how to train your staff to select the right application acceleration tools for your client, whether it be hardware, software or a combination of both.

WAN optimization enhances disaster recovery plans
Business continuity and disaster recovery planning is now possible for small- and midsized businesses thanks to cost-effective WAN optimization technology.

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