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Thin Provisioning Prep Guide

Thin provisioning has been gaining momentum in the storage community as a way to track storage usage and install more physical capacity before it's needed -- but is it right for your customers' shops? This prep guide will introduce you to thin provisioning pros and cons.

While not a new technology, thin provisioning has been steadily gaining momentum in the storage community over the past few years. The driving premise is that enterprises are making poor use of the existing storage they previously purchased, and thin provisioning -- ideally -- allows them to track usage and install more physical capacity before they actually need it. But is thin provisioning reinventing the wheel? The experts are divided. Some claim it will save a company both time and money, others see it as a wasted attempt to micromanage something that isn't broken. See what the experts say about this sometimes divisive topic, and get the insights you need to decide if thin provisioning is the best option for a customer.

Thin provisioning basics

  • Definition: Thin provisioning
    What is thin provisioning and what role can it play for a company you are supporting? Sooner or later a customer is going to come to you and ask whether or not this storage method is a viable option for their company. Better to find out now instead of waiting for the question to catch you off guard.

  • Introduction to thin provisioning
    This excellent column by Enterprise Strategy Group's Tony Asaro describes how a company may determine if it's a good candidate for thin provisioning. By taking the perspective of a systems administrator at a company, Asaro asks the questions that any VAR or systems integrator is sure to be asked. Get a leg up by anticipating the needs of your client.

Thin provisioning debate

  • Thin provisioning -- too good to be true?
    Offering a detailed and gritty depiction of the pros and cons, thin provisioning is given a candid analysis. Is your customer overprovisioning storage and looking for an out? See what users have said -- why thin provisioning worked for them or why they moved away from it. This first hand perspective is invaluable for VARs who are in the position of selling and supporting this technology.

  • Thin provisioning can save money
    How does the need for thin provisioning come about in a company? Why should a VAR recommend it to a customer? Arun Taneja breaks down why the technology is necessary and how VARs and their customers can be successful in implementation.

Thin provisioning technical concerns

  • Thin provisioning and wireless network security
    Implementing and supporting a new technology often means that VARs have to begin to account for unwanted attacks on their clients' information. Defending against these intrustions is something all VARs have to take into account. Learn what weak spots wireless access has and the use the advice to reenforce them before it is too late.

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