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Software as a Service (SaaS) Prep Guide

Software as a Service (Saas) is a hot topic among end users but questions remain about reliability, ease of use and whether or not it can truly help the enterprise. This prep guide will put value-added resellers where they belong: on the leading edge of SaaS.

talk about a technology Regardless of your feelings about Microsoft, when Steve Ballmer starts to it might be time to take notice of it. Add Google and a handful of other companies into the equation and Software as a Service (SaaS) starts looking more viable. Our Software as a Service Prep Guide includes everything a VAR or systems integrator needs to start learning about Software as a Service -- from basic overviews and challenges in the enterprise to vendors selling the software and how to best support the software.

What is Software as a service?

  • Definition: Software as a service
    More likely sooner than later your customers will ask what is Software as a Service and why should they use it to meet business needs? Having the answers to these questions and the knowledge to successfully support it may translate to new clients and renewed contracts.

  • Podcast: What is Software as a Service?
    IT journalism veteran Paul Gillin recently sat down to discuss Software as a Service with TechTarget. Listen to this podcast in to get the insights of someone who has been living with it and covering it for years. Tune in and listen.

  • ASP vs Software as a Service: What's the difference?
    Part of knowing why Software as a Service is effective in an enterprise is also knowing why it isn't. With Software as a Service coming of age many customers are still confusing the technology with ASP. Part of the support that a VAR should offer is to correct these misconceptions and explain why one may be useful while the other isn't.

Software as a Service trends and channel challenges

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