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Service-oriented architecture (SOA) tutorial

This service-oriented architecture (SOA) tutorial walks you through basic SOA terminology, offers some ammunition to take with you into SOA discussions with customers, and touches on SOA adoption obstacles.

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Check out our chapter excerpt of Thomas Erl's SOA: Principles of Service Design, a hands-on manual for service-oriented computing.

Building new revenue streams based on service-oriented architectures (SOA) can be challenging. Not only do you have your typical, environment-specific planning issues to consider, but, generally speaking, the concept of service-oriented architectures is a tricky one to explain to anyone who doesn't have a degree in Web services. This SOA tutorial walks you through some basic SOA terminology and functionality -- to answer the common question, "What is SOA?" It also offers key points to keep in mind when presenting a SOA plan to a customer, and touches on some adoption obstacles to avoid. SOA can bring tangible benefits to your customers, and ultimately your channel business, but only if you're all on the same page.

This was last published in April 2008

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