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Review of network security for VoWLAN

Network security is a particular challenge during VoWLAN deployments because voice over WLAN exposes potential vulnerabilities. Learn how to address those security vulnerabilities using this guide.

Discover the importance of taking security concerns into consideration when deploying VoWLAN at a customer site.

Security is a vital concern in any wireless deployment, but VoWLAN creates new vulnerabilities. Many currently available handsets support only the WEP security standard, which has proven to be insufficient protection against intruders. Intruders may crack a WEP password simply to make free phone calls at your expense, but the goal may also be to access your corporate data.

How can you address network security in planning? You may need to add new tests to your ongoing set of penetration tests to make sure your network is not vulnerable to this added threat. For the future, look to the WPA2 standard to provide a much higher level of protection. Handsets supporting WPA2 are just now becoming available.

VoWLAN: Preparing your network for a voice over wireless LAN deployment

  Analysis of the radio frequency environment
  Review of network security
  Investigation of the wireless vendor's voice experience and product features

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David B. Jacobs has more than 20 years of networking industry experience. He has managed leading-edge software development projects and consulted to Fortune 500 companies as well as software startups.

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