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Remote data protection services fast guide

Remote data protection services are mission critical for any company who needs to protect data. In the event of a disaster, having remote data protection services can be the difference between customers recovering quickly or not recovering at all. Check out this guide for the best data protection strategies.

Remote data protection services are solutions value-added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators must be up to speed on. Handling remote data protection projects means being fully aware of the potential issues -- as well as the technologies they may want to employ to solve such issues. Remote data replication is one such highly regarded technology that offers a measure of redundancy in the event a main storage backup system fails or is demolished in a disaster. Help your customers prepare: This learning guide exposes you to some remote data protection options, pros and cons, and best practices that you can use in developing your own product suites and services.

Remote data replication 101

  • Definition: Storage replication service
    A storage replication service is data protection strategy in which stored or archived data is duplicated in real time over a storage area network (SAN). Learn more about its benefits in this definition.

  • A case for remote data replication
    This introductory article explains why remote data replication is so important to your disaster recovery efforts.

Pros and cons of remote data replication

Remote data replication best practices

Dig Deeper on Storage Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

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