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Remote backup services fast guide

Remote backup services are an ever expanding area of need for customers. Resellers who can reliably provide remote backup will likely have ongoing service contracts and provide important peace of mind for customers. This remote backup services guide will get you started.

Remote backup features
"Sell once and collect every month." If that phrase is music in your ears, then backup services may be your 2007 dance tune.By eliminating lengthy installs, remote administration and ongoing support, new backup software products and features are making it increasingly attractive for VARs to enter the remote backup space. Read more in Jerome Wendt's remote data backup services
Does you customer have remote backup services in place? If a disaster takes out a main backup hub or human error causes backups to fail, will the client be able to recover? Nowadays many companies don't want to give up control of their data, but they also don't want the burden of handling backup and restore. That's where your value-added services come in handy. This fast guide will help you address client backup concerns and ultimately implement remote backup services to avoid worst-case scenarios. It covers general managed remote backup services considerations, remote backup software and technologies and best practices for delivering remote backups without creating additional headaches in backup procedures.

   Backup services considerations
   Remote backup technologies
   Delivering remote backup services

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  • Key questions to ask when developing backup managed services

  • A successful managed backup service offering will evenly balance technology, sales and marketing, and business considerations. This tip outlines considerations to help you achieve that balance.

  • How to develop managed backup services
    Managed backup services offer smaller customers an alternative to labor-intensive backup approaches. Learn how to start developing managed backup services.

  • Remote storage security, regulation big in 2007

  • Data security concerns and new regulatory compliance standards could keep VARs scrambling over the next 12 months. Take a look at projected trends that will influence your business in 2007.

      Remote backup services and technologies  Return to Table of Contents

  • New remote backup products and features
    New remote backup software services and features are making it quite appealing for VARs and systems integrators to enter the remote backup space. Contributor Jerome Wendt identifies some of these new products and features.

  • Remote backup trends and technologies

  • An increasing number of branch offices and the popularity of wireless technologies have made remote backup services a necessity in companies of all sizes. This tip presents you with common remote backup issues and business opportunities.

  • Backup basics: Tape, disk and remote backup technologies

  • Whether you're helping customers choose disk, tape or both, or looking to provide remote backup services, this tip describes key backup trends and technologies to get you started.

  • Remote backup: What are the alternatives to tape?

  • Archiving expert Bill Tolson offers advice to a reader looking for alternatives to shipping tape offsite, including a graphical representation of the remote replication backup process.

  • Advanced data backup and protection fundamentals

  • Start developing business opportunities based on advanced backup features and the latest developments in tape, disk, and remote and strategic storage concepts.

      Delivering remote backup services  Return to Table of Contents

  • Remote office backups bring new life to the SSP

  • Storage service providers (SSPs) are back in demand as companies look to employ remote backup and recovery services.

  • A case for remote data replication

  • Remote data replication can make the difference between losing everything and saving everything that is critical to an enterprise. Here's a breakdown of the process that goes into remote data replication.

  • Who benefits from remote backup services?

  • Remote backup services may help save your customer's data from inevitable disaster.

  • Learning Guide: Remote data protection

  • Consider the pros, cons and best practices of offering remote data protection services in this learning guide.

  • Managing remotely hosted servers: Remote disaster recovery and prevention

  • This tip discusses the two most basic ways you can recover from, and fend off, disasters that can overtake a remotely-hosted system: backup and redundancy.

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