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Printing Services Learning Guide: Unix, Linux and Windows printing

Printing services offer resellers and systems integrators various business opportunities, from providing printer configuration to networking to print usage tracking services. This learning guide offers best practices for becoming a managed printer services provider working with Unix, Linux or Windows printer services.

Printer resellers and systems integrators can offer valuable printer services to customers who may not have time to perform necessary tasks to ensure printers are configured correctly, permissions are set, and all clients are updated and connected to the new print server. It's also likely that users will have questions as they use a new system. This learning guide offers best practices for becoming a managed printer service provider working with Unix, Linux and Windows Server 2003.


   Providing managed printing services
   Unix and Linux print services
   Windows 2003 print services


* Managed printing services: Packaging printing software and hardware
Providing managed printing services involves packaging a wide range of print offerings, from the printer to the print servers to the network infrastructure -- and much more. Contributor Serdar Yegulalp offers a rundown of the kinds of printer hardware and software to provide as part of a managed printing service package in this tip.

* Managed printing services: How to sell printer services and support
Once you've created your printing services packages, you must determine how to sell them -- and sell them well. From determining your print services cost models to tracking consumable usage and keeping an eye on printer vendor competition, you'll have a lot on your plate as a managed IT service provider. This tip by Serdar Yegulalp provides a checklist of items to beware as you start to sell managed printing services

* Unix and Linux printing services: Understanding SMB printer needs
Believe it or not, Unix and Linux printing services do present resellers and systems integrators consulting opportunities. If you've sold a Linux or Unix system, your client may not have the time to configure both the servers and the printers. You can offer a valuable service that would leave your client's IT staff available to focus on high-level systems architecture planning and design. This two-part tip outlines how to assess the challenges businesses face when it comes to Unix and Linux printing needs, the configuration process and how to assess your customers unique printer service needs.

* Configuring Unix and Linux printers for SMBs
Once you have assessed your customers print service needs and made decisions based on those assessment, you are ready to configure the printers. This tip outlines some print services options offered by using the Red Hat printer configuration tool and provides a six-step configuration guide.

* Top ten questions: Printing with terminal services
Check out the top ten printer services questions posted on our sister site The answers are provided by internationally-known speaker and writer Christa Anderson. You may find the answers you've been seeking; but if not, you can pose your own question.

* Print services: Migrating with ease
Why not reduce user questions and simplify server migration for your customers? Microsoft's Print Migrator is a free tool that automates the print migration process. Print Migrator, or PrintMig, offers tools to move printer shares, permissions and drivers simply and efficiently as well as updating clients to point to a new server. This excerpt from a tip originally published on our sister site explains how PrintMig simplifies the migration process and outlines the options you have when using this tool.

* File and print servers: Windows Server 2003 administrative tasks
The administration of file and print servers runs the gamut from data backup management to printer sharing, but there's no reason administrative tasks should be overwhelming. This excerpt from Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator offers a clear, concise and organized overview of the file and print server administrative tasks needed to maintain your clients' printer systems. Read about the best practices for server management and customize them to suit your clients' administrative needs.

* Technical overview of Windows Server 2003 print services
Check out Microsoft's technical overview, which includes downloadable articles outlining the features and benefits provided by print services in Windows Server 2003.

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