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Penetration testing tutorial: Guidance for effective pen tests

This penetration testing tutorial contains essential tips to help solution providers uncover vulnerabilities in clients’ networks.

With the right training, expertise and strategy, security solution providers can conduct penetration tests for...

clients, providing a valuable service by helping uncover any vulnerabilities in the client’s network.

This penetration testing tutorial provides a complete overview of the pen testing process, with a number of essential tips written for the solution provider’s perspective. It covers all aspects of penetration testing, including planning the tests, conducting the tests (and avoiding common pitfalls) and following up with a report to wow your clients and earn repeat 

Introduction to the penetration testing tutorial
Penetration testing services can prove to be profitable for security services providers and resellers. Turn to Penetration testing 101: How to offer pen test services to learn about the different kinds of pen tests and how to add pen testing services to your portfolio.

Pen test tools
Many security solution providers perform a wide variety of penetration tests for their customers. Our roundup of pen testing tools for penetration testing services reviews the pen testing tools available to solution providers, ranging from sophisticated vulnerability scanners and application scanning and code analysis tools, to all-in-one penetration suites and products for specific tasks such as password cracking.

Pen test reports
Penetration testing is a service commonly offered by information security solution providers. Unfortunately, for as long as pen tests have been offered, the final deliverable (a report) is often lacking in value for the client. Our article, “Wow your client with a winning penetration testing report” explores some of the most common pitfalls of penetration testing reports, with recommendations on ways to improve them.

Solving pen test problems
Penetration testing is by no means an exact science. Each test tends to be unique, and numerous problems can occur due to the nature of the tests themselves. Equally common are process and political challenges, which may result from lack of proper communication or coordination between solution providers and organizations.

Our article, “How to do penetration testing: Overcoming problems and concerns” covers some of the most common issues that arise during pen tests, and provides guidance on how best to overcome them.

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