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Oracle Database 11g tutorial

Oracle Database 11g promises greater data manageability, higher availability, simplified systems, efficient data storage and greater security. This tutorial provides information from our sister site,, which could help you decide whether your customers will benefit from Oracle's latest offering.

 Oracle 11g has been out the door for nearly a year. The press release announcing its shipment promised that Oracle 11g's database upgraded components -- clustering, data center automation, and workload management capabilities --provides solutions to the problems caused by rapid data growth. It also promised that the new database reduces risk and increases return on investment (ROI). This tutorial offers information from our sister site,, about Database 11g's newest features, the channel's sales role and practical resources.

  • Oracle Database 11g migration tip:This tip will help your customers' migration to Oracle 11g as painless as possible. Find out what issues need to be investigated before the migration process can begin, questions to ask customers, various options for database migration, and other tools and tips.
  • The channel's role in selling Oracle Database 11g: After Oracle unveiled Oracle Database 11g in New York City on July 11th, several Oracle executives stuck around to speak with reporters. In this excerpt from that Q&A, President Charles Philips addresses Oracle's channel strategy. Learn more about what role the channel will play when it comes to selling Oracle database 11g. 
  • Podcast: Oracle book author Mike Ault on Oracle Database 11g: Noted Oracle author and speaker Mike Ault – who has authored 24 books on Oracle technology – discusses Oracle 11g's new SOL replay and memory management capabilities and much more in this podcast from our sister site
  • XML improvements in Oracle Database 11g: Oracle Database 11g's XML enhancements promises easy access to data and a end-user friendly DBMS environment. This excerpt from our sister site provides more information about the new slew of XML-related features and enhancements that could be advantageous for your customers.
  • Fewer flaws in Oracle 11g? Recently beta-testers gave Oracle 11g the thumbs-up, saying it may be Oracle's most bug-free release. Learn more about what these testers found in this excerpt from, and use this information when deciding whether your customers should upgrade.
  • Building multiple Oracle Homes: In this excerpt from, 13-year Oracle veteran Arup Nanda provides practical advice about DBA troubleshooting and provides step-by-step instructions for building multiple Oracle Homes, when applying a patch or patchset.


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