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Microsoft Hyper-V study guide: Benefits and requirements

Use this study guide to test your knowledge of Microsoft Hyper-V and get more resources on Hyper-V's pricing, features and core components.

Microsoft Hyper-V has a lot of benefits that solutions providers can pass on to their clients. Knowing Hyper-V's requirements, such as what type of machines it can run on, how guest sessions work or what Hyper-V can support, can help you decide if this virtualization technology is a good fit for your clients.

You may have heard that Hyper-V is cost-effective or that it provides a big boost in disaster recovery planning, but this study guide can teach you other things you don't know about Hyper-V. It also shows you how to save your clients time and money by implementing server virtualization technology.

Take this quiz and get access to a wide range of Microsoft Hyper-V resources.

This was last published in July 2009

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