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Linux Server Virtualization Learning Guide

Linux server virtualization may not be as difficult an undertaking as you may think. These technical tips will help you implement and support virtualized Linux servers.

Linux resellers and vendors are recognizing that Linux server virtualization is a viable option for customers who want to save money or improve resource usage in a physical box. VMware and Xen have recently begun to tailor releases to take full advantage of the benefits Linux server virtualization, while Linux on IBM POWER (LoP) is becoming more commonplace. Here's the latest news and technical advice on Linux server virtualization.


   Linux virtualization trends
   VMware and Xen on Linux
   Linux on IBM servers



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Linux server virtualization: When is it appropriate?
Linux server virtualization can be useful to the right clients, but may not always be the best option you can offer.

Linux server virtualization upgrade with VMware-Linux partnership
With the expanded partnership between VMware and Linux, server virtualization may have just become more practical for your customers. Explaining these five technical points to customers will help them understand how and why Linux server virtualization will help their shops.

Ubuntu "Feisty Fawn" makes Linux server virtualization play
The scuttlebutt around Ubuntu has been improved performance on servers. This intro to the distro will give you the facts you need to determine if it would be best in a customer's shop.

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn launches with server focus
Jane Silber, Canonical director of operations, discusses the changes that have been made to Ubuntu to make it a viable option for Linux server virtualization.

Virtual operating systems, virtual machines: Observations by author Jeff Dike
Jeff Dike, author of User Mode Linux, discusses the pros and cons of having virtualized Linux servers.



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Linux server virtualization easy to implement
VMware and Linux make a good pair to virtualize your customers' machines. Because Linux is updated frequently and easy to modify, you can tailor the virtualized boxes to the specific needs of your customers.

Xen or VMware for Linux server virtualization?
Choosing the right virtualization technology to pair with Linux servers is a matter of your customers' needs. If Xen or VMware doesn't come preloaded on the box, then determining if you want to use paravirtualization of a hypervisor will be the determining factor.

Installing GSX Server for Linux
This book excerpt will walk you through the technical elements of installing VMware on Linux.

Virtualization on Linux
What is a good virtualization offering to use on Linux? expert Donald Rosenberg looked at some products and found that VMware's licenses are expensive.

Linux, virtualization help bank tackle downtime issues
A healthy dose of Linux and VMware virtualization was all Stonebridge Bank needed to eliminate the downtime issues that plagued its older Windows-only architecture.



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Linux on IBM POWER (LoP) for consolidation and scalability 
You should be interested in Linux on IBM because Big Blue is looking to the future of virtualization. By integrating Linux with the POWER hardware, you can tell customers that virtualizing their boxes with LoP will decrease server footprint and take advantage of the most powerful processors on the market.

Linux on IBM POWER (LoP) services and best practices
Once your customer has agreed to use LoP, you want to be sure that the installation goes smoothly. These technical tips and best practices are a good place to start to make sure the virtualized box runs properly.

IBM Power 5 and Linux virtualization shrink data center
Customers often run more servers than they need. Using Linux to virtualize an IBM machine will ensure customers are squeezing every dollar out of their hardware.

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