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Installing SUSE Linux 10

Learn how to install Linux SUSE 10 with this step-by-step guide. We walk through the process of selecting the installation method, customizing the installation, running the installation and completing the installation.

The most important part of getting Linux up and running is installing the system. Unfortunately, this is also where most users encounter problems because of differences between the types of information that you need to know when installing Linux versus Windows. This chapter demystifies the process by helping you through the installation, pointing out any stumbling blocks that you may hit upon, and offering suggestions for resolving them.

The program used to install SUSE Linux is known as YaST, which stands for Yet another System Tool. (The "Yet another . . ." naming convention is a standard Unix/Linux naming convention, intended to reflect humorously on the number of similar tools that different people and companies have developed to do specific tasks in their favorite, customized fashion. YaST provides a framework that supports independent modules that perform a variety of administrative tasks, including modules for installation, all system administration and configuration tasks, and subsequent system updates. The YaST interface that you use for installation is therefore very similar to the interfaces that you will use for system configuration and administrative tasks when you have completed your SUSE Linux installation. Powerful and well designed, YaST will quickly become your friend.

Each Step-by-Step Guide will guide you through the process of installing Linux SUSE 10. From inserting a CD to the finishing touches, these guides are a valuable resource for anyone who has questions about this operating system. Enjoy.

Installing Linux SUSE 10

 Step 1: Selecting a SUSE 10 installation method
 Step 2: Customizing your SUSE 10 installation
 Step 3: Running a SUSE 10 installation
 Step 4: Completing your Linux SUSE 10 installation

The above tip is excerpted from from Chapter 1, "Installing SUSE 10" our original excerpt of The SUSE Linux 10 Bible by Justin Davies, courtesy of Wiley Publishing. This chapter explains how to successfully install SUSE 10 on your box. Find it helpful? Buy it on Amazon.

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