ITIL guide: Best practices, implementation and training

This Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guide has all you need to know about ITIL best practices, implementation, certification, training and tools. Learn about the ITIL framework and IT change management from our compilation of resources in this guide.

Our Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guide is a collection of resources to help you understand how to implement and take advantage of the ITIL framework.

ITIL's version 3 is designed to provide best practices for IT service management (ITSM), change management and infrastructure management. Desktop performance, certification, the use of ITIL for configuration management as well as changes in the focus and adoption of ITIL are among the concerns you'll learn about below.

Resources include expert tips, news articles and special reports that provide information on the basics of ITIL and ITSM, ITIL versions, tools and training.

ITIL and ITSM basics

Learn more about IT service management: From ITIL to cost savings
Will an IT service management implementation work for your clients? Test your knowledge on ITIL and ITSM with this quiz.

Special IT projects survey: Top IT channel priorities for 2009
Respondents cited ITIL as one of their main areas of concern for the handling and operation of a client's IT infrastructure.

Network management frameworks: FCAPS and ITIL
In today's diverse infrastructures, networks have to handle more instances of unified communications, video and virtualization. Network managers must not only monitor for performance and security, but they must also anticipate problems to ensure everything runs well together. Two frameworks can be helpful for network management: FCAPS (fault management, configuration, accounting, performance and security) and ITIL.

A comprehensive approach to practicing ITIL change management
There are three key areas of ITIL that you can use to effectively manage change within your organization.

Why ITIL needs a Jack Welch
As IT becomes more complex -- think virtualization and service-oriented architecture -- it's natural that a vendor-neutral framework such as ITIL is attracting attention. But attention is a far cry from full-scale adherence, as a survey conducted by managed services provider Dimension Data indicates.

ITSM and ITIL basics: Understanding ITIL and service support
In this podcast series, Adelle McIlroy of GTSI Corp. introduces you to ITIL and ITSM services and helps you determine if your customers can benefit from such processes.

ITIL best practices

How network management can use ITIL best practices to battle recession 
Implementing ITIL best practices can help clients survive a tough economy. Adopting ITIL holistically will take significant time and effort, but you don't need to deploy ITIL in its entirety. A company's network team can take advantage of ITIL best practices one at a time.

Top five reasons to start using ITIL and ITSM today
ITSM best practices can help you provide business value, improve service quality and save money. But the sometimes misunderstood frameworks, including ITIL, cause some CIOs to shy away, fearing complexity and cost. Finding the best ways to maximize these goals while putting forth the least amount of resources is crucial to getting the most out of your ITSM and ITIL initiatives.

ITIL best practices for enterprise CIOs
This CIO Briefing delivers expert advice and resources on ITIL, including case studies, product overviews and trend articles on the strategies, execution, tools and technologies behind successful ITIL use.

ITIL v3 planning and benefits

While previous versions of ITIL focused on procedures, such as deployment and maintenance, ITIL v3 treats an IT department as a utility that delivers services to the rest of the company.

How Allstate used ITIL to achieve IT and business alignment
The geeks are gone at The Allstate Corp. No, they haven't traded in their pocket protectors for iPhones, but because of the company's ITIL initiatives, they're now perceived as part of the business and not just the people you bug when your email goes down.

ITIL v3 contributor reflects on IT's changing focus
Author David Cannon discusses how ITIL v3 reflects the current trend of taking a lifecycle approach to IT services -- from requirements gathering and development to deployment, maintenance and, eventually, retirement.

ITIL v3: Tackling the beast
There are three major ITIL v3 concerns when implementing the framework into an organization.

Midmarket slow to adopt ITIL version 3
Analysts say the actual reception to ITIL v3 by CIOs has been more muted than expected for such a purportedly significant revision.

ITIL v3: What it is and why you should care
This paper explains ITIL by describing its benefits, where it comes from, why you need to know about it, which types of IT organizations can benefit from using it and how to get started.

ITIL training and certification

ITIL cert is born
The U.K.'s Office of Government Commerce (OGC), which owns the IT Infrastructure Library intellectual property, has launched a certification program for IT service management software.

New certification paves way for ITIL out-of-the-box tools
Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using ITIL process-compliant software

ITIL certification builds IT workers' skills in economic downturn
Continuing education and the pursuit of ITIL certifications can build skill sets and improve operational efficiency.

ITIL market update: Expert podcast series
This series of ITIL-related podcasts features discussions on certification, process improvement methodologies and change management.

ITIL training primer
Find a list of podcasts and some key tips to help you learn about ITIL and ITSM.

ITIL certification provides service support
There are three levels of ITIL certification available for individuals who are interested in building and demonstrating their ITIL knowledge.

ITIL implementation and planning

Targeted IT communications key to ITIL implementation success
Many organizations realize far too late that even if they designed the best possible ITIL processes and automated them with the top technology, they still need people to drive them. To ensure that people are not forgotten in an ITIL implementation, an organization must look outside the technology and address the need for better communication.

ITIL: Top five tips to kick-start your strategy
These tips from ITIL expert Brian Johnson will help you get started with implementing ITIL by offering advice on change management, breaking culture barriers and ITIL governance

Ten ITIL implementation mistakes and fixes
The IT Infrastructure Library is implemented to change and improve processes within companies. But organizations often make mistakes within the first year of an ITIL implementation, and you can find out how to avoid them.

Mistakes users make implementing ITIL
Learn how to overcome common mistakes that organizations make within the first year of an ITIL implementation.

ITIL tools

The range of ITIL training tools and techniques and how they add value
Learn about the tools and procedures that help establish an ITIL service management training program and how the tools can clarify employees' roles in an organization and the skills they need.

ITIL vets turn to SaaS-based tools to ease upgrade hell
For some companies, the pain of upgrading IT management software is enough to break a relationship with existing vendors. Some frustrated companies have turned to IT management Software as a Service (SaaS), and now their upgrade hell is a thing of the past.

ITIL tools standard, endorsed by ITIL creator, seeks to aid buyers
For the first time since creating the Information Technology Infrastructure Library more than 20 years ago, the U.K.'s OGC has officially endorsed a compliance framework to audit vendor products, documentation and processes against the best practices of ITIL versions 2 and 3.

Managed services company finds way to automate support
Attenda Ltd. is a long-term user of ITIL for its IT service management. The company uses a lot of homegrown software to support its operations, including its own configuration management database (CMDB).

Reliable desktop performance tools equal better enterprise services
The IT service management movement pushes the practice of different parts of an organization establishing service-level agreements with one another, just as they would with external service providers. That ITSM thinking -- as exemplified by widespread use of ITIL -- has spread to organizations of all sizes.

Systems management: Spending tepid; ITIL and CMDB gain credence
According to a 2007 data center purchasing survey, systems management software and ITIL tools are gaining acceptance.

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