ITIL Training Primer

Before you seek ITIL training, know what to expect: This primer provides a brief history of ITSM and ITIL, an overview of ITIL books and service support, and ITIL project considerations.


IT Service Management (ITSM) is a process-driven approach to aligning IT with business needs, which will ultimately save your customers money. IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of best practices to achieve what ITSM promises to deliver. Over the years the total number of ITIL books has been reduced, but there's still plenty for you to learn. We recently recorded three podcasts with two ITSM and ITIL experts, Adelle McIlroy of GTSI Corp. and George Spalding of Pink Elephant. In this ITIL Training Primer we provide the podcasts and some key tips to help you starting learning ITIL.


  ITIL and ITSM overview  

Understanding ITIL and service support
ITIL forces you to approach information technology from an process perspective, rather than a product perspective. Find out why and how to align your IT services with the ITIL framework.

ITIL certification to provide service support
Learn about the three levels of ITIL certification, and find out which ITIL certification is ideal if you're providing or planning to provide ITIL service support.


  ITIL and ITSM podcasts  

Podcast 1: ITIL and ITSM basics
What is ITSM and ITIL? Where did it begin? What can and can't ITSM do? These questions and more are covered by Adelle McIlroy in this podcast.

Podcast 2: ITIL service support
Get a better understanding of ITSM and ITIL support services from Adelle McIlroy, who discusses incident management, problem management, configuration management, change management and release management.

Podcast 3: ITIL and ITSM FAQ
Drilling down further into ITIL and ITSM, George Spalding answers questions on how to justify ITIL spending, how to identify ITIL priorities in a customer's shop and how to avoid setting false expectations for ROI.

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