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IP storage services: Fast guide to selling iSCSI storage

IP storage proponents say it's time to lose Fibre Channel and embrace IP-based storage technologies. Find out why and where you may want to implement iSCSI storage, and get ideas for IP storage services.

Timely and comprehensive data protection is one of the greatest challenges for any organization, and one of the latest technology pushes to address those data protection issues is IP storage. Proponents of IP-based storage tout benefits they say will increase storage area network (SAN) adoption in all shops -- a feat that could not be achieved by its Fibre Channel counterpart. This fast guide answers questions like why and where to implement iSCSI storage, and presents some IP storage service opportunities you could be using to help boost that SAN adoption trend.

IP storage 101

  • IP storage definition
    IP storage is a general term for several approaches to using the Internet Prototol (IP) in a storage area network (SAN) usually over Gigabit Ethernet.

  • IP storage networking expands remote data replication
    IP holds many storage networking benefits over Fibre Channel, as you'll see in this book excerpt from IP Storage Networking: Straight to the Core.

  • IP storage data replication technology
    Learn why and how to transfer block-mode storage data beyond a metropolitan area in this book excerpt from IP Storage Networking: Straight to the Core.

IP storage services to offer

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