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Five steps to capacity planning, step 2

Step 2: Determine how well existing hardware is meeting the company's needs

For capacity planning, the next thing I recommend looking at is how well the existing hardware is meeting the company's current needs. This is important because it gives you a starting point on which to base purchasing decisions.

For example, if your customer's hardware is currently performing very slowly, and they are anticipating even a small amount of short-term growth, then purchasing more-capable hardware needs to be a very high priority. After all, if the hardware isn't handling today's workload very well, then how is it going to handle the increased workload tomorrow? If, on the other hand, the existing hardware is not being utilized anywhere near its full potential, then it may be perfectly adequate to handle the company's anticipated growth. In either situation, you cannot make an intelligent purchasing decision unless you know how well the existing hardware is meeting today's needs.

Capacity planning step-by-step guide

  Step 1: Meet with executive management
  Step 2: Determine how well existing hardware is meeting the company's needs
  Step 3: Determine the company's future needs
  Step 4: Identify opportunities to consolidate
  Step 5: Determine whether the existng infrastructure can support anticipated growth

Brien Posey
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