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Desktop virtualization software and virtual desktop management guide

From evaluating virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) tools to improving desktop performance, this VDI management guide can help solutions providers weigh the benefits of VDI.

There's a ton of information out there about desktop virtualization software. This guide compiles the best virtual desktop management resources to help solutions providers better serve their customers. The topics in this guide include virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) tools, the benefits of using VDI, how VDI compares to desktop virtualization and more. Learn how to help customers choose the right infrastructure approach and virtual desktop management tools by reading up on the various VDI deployment methods and management issues.


Virtual desktop infrastructure benefits and concerns
Virtual desktop infrastructure tools and deployment 
Virtual desktop management and performance
Virtual desktop infrastructure and desktop virtualization software
More virtual desktop management resources

Virtual desktop infrastructure benefits and concerns
Implementing VDI can be extremely beneficial for your enterprise customers, but it can be a burden. Hardware consolidation and security are some key VDI benefits, as well as improved power efficiency. But solutions providers should also be aware of VDI concerns that can affect customers, such as the amount of bandwidth support needed and poor graphics.

Virtual desktop infrastructure explained
Do you know about the many VDI advantages as well as the requirements for successful implementation? This article delves into a detailed account of VDI's capabilities, which include the ability to create a virtualized desktop and manage virtual machines (VMs). Learn the advantages of a centrally hosted VDI, including hardware consolidation and security.

Virtual desktop software pros and cons
Knowing about virtual desktop software pros and cons is essential before recommending VDI to your customers. There are many VDI benefits, including improved power efficiency and greater cost savings. VDI makes desktop management much less of a hassle for both solutions providers and their customers. But you need to be aware of the numerous VDI disadvantages, including the amount of network bandwidth needed to support traffic at each endpoint device. There are also issues with high-end graphics in virtual desktop software and the amount of storage needed.

Virtual desktop infrastructure tools and deployment
As a solutions provider, helping customers sift through native management and third-party VDI tools is a significant aspect of deploying VDI. This section will help you learn all you need to know about native management tools from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft. You should also be aware of the third-party tools available to customers, such as VDIworks.

Native management tools for VDI: VMware vs. Citrix and Microsoft
This tip offers information on the available virtual desktop infrastructure tools that can assist you with the management and deployment of your customer's VDI. VMware has several VDI management tools and platforms, including VMware View 4 and VMware Assured Computing Environment (ACE). Citrix's XenDesktop VDI platform includes support for desktop appliances and desktop performance monitoring. Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services and System Center Virtual Machine Manager can also help manage VDI.

How to choose third-party desktop virtualization software and management tools
When selling virtual desktop infrastructure tools to customers, you should also be aware of third-party desktop virtualization management tools and the advantages they offer. Learn about the various components of the virtualization management tool VDIworks and find out which kinds of back-end hardware the product can handle. ClearCube Technology's Sentral 5.6 offers flexible architecture as well as support for various servers. The information on these and other available tools can help you with managing multiple VDI products and also assist you with selling these products to your customers.

Ten steps for smooth desktop virtualization software deployment
Read through these guidelines for a smooth desktop virtualization software deployment and find out how the VDI approach fits into the process. As a solutions provider, you need to know what your customers' needs are and you also have to be well informed about deploying VDI or using remote access terminal services. These resources provide information on desktop virtualization software costs, storage concerns and backup services.

Virtual desktop management and performance
Before performing virtual desktop management services, you need to know about common problems and the best ways to optimize VDI performance. From licensing issues to compatibility problems, this section has advice and solutions to these roadblocks. You'll also find a study guide that offers information and resources on deployment and third-party management tools. And our top five tips will help you improve your customers' VDI performance and ensure their servers are running at peak efficiency.

Top five virtual desktop environment management issues
These top virtual desktop environment management issues show which aspects of VDI to keep in mind prior to desktop virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure implementation. These issues include improving the desktop virtualization end-user experience and properly considering licensing for desktop virtualization and VDI. Learn how to address these issues and be prepared when your customers need your assistance.

Top five virtual desktop management problems
Take a look at these top virtual desktop management problems that solutions providers need to be aware of before and after deployment. If you're unaware of the common VDI management issues, you can run into poorly defined desktop virtualization standards, which can create compatibility issues for customers. Ensuring proper virtual desktop management and performance is crucial to generating ongoing business with customers.

Desktop virtualization software and VDI management study guide
Take this desktop virtualization and virtual desktop management quiz to see how much you know about desktop virtualization software and VDI. When you're done, read about the best ways to ensure smooth desktop virtualization deployment and the major areas of concern in virtual desktop management.

Virtual desktop infrastructure: Five tips for improving virtual desktop performance
These top five tips can help you to improve virtual desktop infrastructure performance for your customers. One common VDI performance issue is the prevalence of overused servers or networks. Therefore, solutions providers need to know about server performance monitoring tasks. Another way to improve VDI performance is to reduce desktop display demands, which can be done by controlling the visual requirements of the application.

Virtual desktop infrastructure and desktop virtualization software
Learn the basics of VDI and desktop virtualization with the resources in this section. Our experts answer questions about thin-client hardware and best practices for VDI deployments. You will also find out whether customers should use VDI or desktop virtualization software, and you'll get information on the pitfalls of each approach.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) FAQ
Listen to this podcast or read our expert's answers to questions about VDI services. Find out about the cost benefits of a VDI deployment, whether thin-client hardware can replace existing desktops and the best way to address network performance issues. Our expert also describes how long a virtual desktop infrastructure deployment should take and ways to ensure that adequate resources are available.

FAQ: Desktop virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure
There are times where it makes sense for a customer to use desktop virtualization software and times where virtual desktop infrastructure is appropriate. This FAQ provides all of the necessary information about comparing desktop virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure. Take a look at the user requirements for VDI and read about the best ways to implement it. Find out how to build a service offering around desktop virtualization software and VDI and become an expert on the various pitfalls of each approach.

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