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Data protection services guide: A resource for solution providers

Data protection is a major concern for any customer company, regardless of what vertical they're in or the size of their company. This data protection guide will get solution providers prepared to work with customers on data protection.

With data breaches continuing to make national headlines, it's vital that VARs do everything in their power to protect customers' data. Many states have begun enforcing new, strict data protection laws, giving customer companies a greater incentive than ever before to get their data under control.

What's more, if one of your customer companies does have a data breach, and you've helped them with data protection in the past, then you may be held liable in any future litigation against the customer -- all the more reason for solution providers to stay on top of the data protection market and trends. has gathered some of its best content on data protection into a concise guide. Let it serve as a comprehensive resource to reference when helping customers with data protection. Peruse this data protection guide and put yourself in the best possible position to help customers with data protection.

Vulnerabilities, regulatory compliance drive data protection market: Before embarking on any data protection projects, it's important to get a feel of the market. In this article, senior technology editor Neil Roiter explains the state of the data protection market, as well as what is driving sales and service agreements.

Data protection fueled by data leakage prevention products and services: Once you have a feel for the market as a whole, check out this article, which goes into detail on data leakage prevention, one of the top data protection drivers. Learn about the difference between full data leakage prevention (DLP) deployments and DLP "light," as well as why SMBs are flocking to this technology.

Security channel can't ignore full-disk encryption products, services: Another driver of data protection is full-disk encryption. Spurred by data breach notification laws and PCI DSS compliance, full-disk encryption products can offer many revenue opportunities for solution providers. Find out how you can get involved in this lucrative market.

Data breach prevention techniques: Helping customers avoid data breaches: Nobody wants to see their organization in the papers as a result of a data breach. For this reason, customer companies need help from VARs to ensure the unthinkable doesn't happen. In this tip by data protection expert Allen Zuk, find out how you can help customers avoid data breaches.

Mass. data protection law 201 CMR 17: How to get customers ready: As mentioned above, several states have begun to roll out their own data protection laws. One of the most forward-thinking of these laws is Massachusetts' 201 CMR 17. In this edition of's Patrolling the Channel podcast, Nagraj Seshadri discusses the law in detail, including what makes it different from other state data breach laws as well as how to prepare customers for full compliance.

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