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Data disaster recovery plans: How to deliver DR plans

Data disaster recovery plans are a must-have for any size enterprise. Help customers prepare for disasters by explaining the value of disaster recovery documentation and delivering DR plans to meet their needs.

There's a good chance that businesses large and small fail to test their data disaster recovery plans more than once every year -- if they have plans at all. This is where you come in. As a value-added reseller, systems integrator or consultant, you can help customers identify what they should be doing to prepare for unexpected events, explain why DR plans are a necessity -- not a luxury -- and actually deliver plans to suit their needs. This fast guide will help you along the way, highlighting DR planning basics, ROI calculators and checklists for documenting a plan.

Disaster recovery planning 101

Selling disaster recovery plans

  • Disaster recovery: Ad hoc and expensive
    Most users only test their DR plans once every year. (Only once every year!) This article offers insights into the current state of DR planning and testing, which may help you justify a DR plan.
  • Disaster recovery profile: Measuring a company's disaster recovery profile
    Determine where your customers rank on the disaster recovery profile and identify just how much DR help they need.
  • Executive Guide: Risk management
    How do your customers calculate and manage risk? Take a look at the various risk management/avoidance resources in this guide.
  • CIOs slow to make telecommuting part of DR plan
    A laptop and access to the VPN can save a company millions during a disaster – a concept many CIOs have yet to be made aware of.
  • SMB business continuity basics
    DR should not solely be the domain of large enterprises. This tip offers important considerations for approaching an SMB DR project.
  • Disaster recovery plan for a data warehouse
    Data warehouses have become mission-critical systems that help executives make business decisions, but rarely do they have current -- if any -- disaster recovery plans. Leverage that factor and the information in this column when pitching and delivering a data warehouse DR solution.
  • Standard ROI financial analysis tool
    Help customers determine how much they could ultimately save by investing in a DR plan with this standard ROI tool.

Delivering disaster recovery plans

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