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Data center energy efficiency, consolidation study guide

Test your expertise in maintaining data center energy efficiency in your customers' environments, while brushing up on topics such as data center consolidation and cooling methods.

You have most likely heard about the push for green data centers, but do you know the best practices to achieving and measuring data center energy efficiency? Find out the issues in your customers' data centers that lead to inefficiencies, and how you can design the data centers for better power use. Learning new methods to maintaining an energy-efficient data center keep you ahead of the curve for customers that are looking to save on costs.

There are a number of factors that solution providers need to take into consideration when measuring data center energy efficiency, including power usage effectiveness (PUE) and application location. Providers can also get important information on quantifying the amount of money saved with server consolidation and improved cooling methods.

Test your knowledge and prepare for customers' questions about data center energy efficiency by taking this quick ten-question quiz and gain access to more green data center resources.

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