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Cloud consulting services, check-in with OpenStack

Week of Feb. 11, 2013

Companies exploring the cloud often don't have the expertise to know if their applications are a good fit for the move. Rather than hire expensive outside consulting services, these enterprises are turning to cloud providers themselves for advice on using cloud services. Listen to this week's podcast to hear Jessica and Gina discuss the feasibility of objectivity for providers-turned-consultants. Jessica also highlights key OpenStack features and updates discussed in a Q&A with the foundation's chairman.

Object storage news, BYOD for backup, SDN survey data

Week of Feb. 4, 2013

As enterprises look to store, analyze and protect more data than ever, cloud providers have abundant opportunities to enhance their offerings. Listen in to hear Jessica and Gina discuss how, and for whom, providers should market their storage services, along with the opportunities bring your own device (BYOD) presents for innovations in data security. Plus, Jessica recaps some crucial findings from TechTarget's survey of nearly 700 service providers on software-defined networking (SDN) and what their responses might mean for the future of networking.

Amazon cloud outage underscores limits of automation

Week of Jan. 21, 2013

When AWS experienced its fourth service outage of the year on Christmas Eve, human error was largely to blame. In this podcast, Gina and Jessica talk about how providers are looking to lessen the impact of potential mistakes through increased automation and customer control. Jessica also reviews the top trends predicted for the cloud market in 2013, headlined by the predominance of Platform as a Service.

Amazon big data warehousing service Redshift signals market readiness

Week of Dec. 10, 2012

The launch of Amazon Web Services' (AWS) new data warehousing service was an important move for the company, and it marked a potential shift for the cloud market itself. Amazon Redshift looks to make big data analytics affordable for small and medium-sized businesses, sparking conversations about how customers can use cloud for projects they aren't exploring with existing IT. Tune in to hear Jessica and Gina discuss what Amazon's endorsement of data warehousing as a service means for the market. They also recap Cisco's latest acquisition, Cloupia, and what the move suggests about Cisco's position as a cloud player. Jessica then reviews some expert advice for providers dealing with a lack of commitment from so-called "cloud dabbler" enterprises.

Are PaaS providers more likely to succeed?

Week of Nov. 19, 2012

Not all cloud provider fairy tales have happy endings. Some providers, such as, learn the hard way that success in cloud isn't as simple as launching a no-frills IaaS offering. Gina and Jessica discuss why PaaS may be a better business model for cloud providers looking to stay in the market long term. Jessica also reviews the evolution of cloud architecture and previews a new book about data center innovation.  

Cloud computing opportunities, plus a monthly recap

Week of Nov. 5, 2012

There are few service providers that can do it all, or at least that can do it all exceptionally well. With that in mind -- and in the interest of increasing time to market -- many providers are partnering with more established cloud providers. Jessica and Gina discuss how providers like Fujitsu and Verizon are working with other cloud providers or acquiring them, respectively, to get stronger footing in the cloud computing market. Also, they give listeners a special monthly recap of other news, features and tips. 

What's the deal with AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace?

Week of Oct. 1, 2012

Cloud capacity training can be complicated, and this can cause quite the headache for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers.  After a recent storm took part of the Amazon cloud down, a post-mortem of the incident offers lessons on disaster recovery for other cloud providers. Listen in as Jessica and Gina discuss this news from Oct. 1 to find out what the AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace means for the rest of the market, and learn whether other cloud providers should try to rival this model.

Is DR as a Service an easy sell with SMBs?

Week of Sept. 17, 2012

Is it possible for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to afford their own disaster recovery (DR) infrastructure or fully managed DR services? It typically depends on exactly how small that business is, but oftentimes, the smallest of the small wouldn't be able to afford it. However, the cloud in the form of DR as a service (DraaS) is making these services more accessible to this market segment because they will be able to only use as much as they pay for and only when they need it. Tune in as Jessica and Gina discuss how the cloud and DRaaS could shift SMBs views on the concept of DR.

OpenStack and VMware join forces, but to what end?

Week of Sept. 10, 2012

After VMware's $1.2 billion acquisition of Nicira Networks reflected the company's desire to expand its image past server virtualization, experts were not surprised when it decided to join OpenStack Foundation. In this edition of Cloudcast Weekly, Jessica and Gina discuss how this could affect the future of OpenStack-VMware cloud interoperability and what else this shift could mean.

What it takes to win government cloud customers

Week of Sept. 3, 2012

In this podcast, Jessica and Gina discuss the adoption barriers cloud providers face in government cloud adoption as well as how to overcome those challenges. They focus on what's holding back small, local government agencies from adopting the cloud and how Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program certification might be able to help. 

Cloud monitoring stops bugs from becoming disasters

Week of Aug. 20, 2012

In this edition of our weekly podcast, Jessica and Gina discuss how important it is to invest in cloud monitoring services in order to catch problems in the data center before they turn into catastrophes. Apart from security breaches, nothing can jeopardize customer confidence like a major service outage, making early threat detection all the more important.

For Rackspace, OpenStack helps dispel lock-in fears

Week of Aug. 13, 2012

According to Rackspace, OpenStack is the antidote for cloud lock-in. But is that enough to lure away the legions of customers using proprietary clouds? Jessica and Gina discuss the Rackspace Openstack play and what it could mean for the San Antonio-based provider in this edition of our weekly podcast.

Why resell a white-label Microsoft Azure cloud?

Week of July 16, 2012

Microsoft is relaxing its branding strategy: It will allow partners to resell white-label Microsoft Azure cloud services under their own brands. In this podcast, Jessica and Gina review what this move means for Microsoft's partners and its cloud strategy.

After AWS cloud outage, will market face backlash?

Week of July 9, 2012

Everyone loves to pick on Amazon Web Services, so it came as no surprise that when an electrical storm knocked out some of Amazon's cloud services for several hours, the critics and pundits descended on the carnage.  Tune in as Jessica and Gina discuss the broader implications of Amazon's high-profile outage, particularly around disaster recovery. Jessica also highlights a quiz to test your knowledge on controlling virtual machine sprawl in the cloud.

Why the cloud brokerage model must change

Week of July 2, 2012

Although the cloud brokerage model is still evolving, market demand is already pushing cloud brokers to reinvent themselves. Jessica and Gina discuss how and why cloud brokers must adapt. They also touch on a three-part tip series on cloud federation partnership opportunities.

Green clouds on the horizon, SDN meets SLAs

Week of June 30, 2012

By building more energy-efficient data centers, cloud providers are not only going green, but they may also be saving some green. Jessica and Gina discuss some of the financial, technical and environmental benefits and drawbacks of green clouds. Also joining them is feature writer Michael Morisy,  who explains how cloud providers are using software-defined networking to improve their service quality; and assistant editor Kara Deyermenjian, who recaps the debate among managed service providers about cloud storage pricing.

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