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CCNA certification guide with Wendell Odom

CCNA certification can give you and your employees a competitive edge over other channel partners. Prepare for the exam with our Study Guide, which includes quizzes and resources to make sure you know your Cisco networking.

CCNA certification can provide an edge over the competition for you and your employees. We've crafted this CCNA Study Guide with the help of CCNA Certification Library author Wendell Odom. Check out our combination of quizzes, resources and the Q&A with Odom.

  CCNA Study Guide with Wendell Odom  

   Q&A with Wendell Odom: Read our interview with Wendell Odom to understand the certification process and the importance of CCNA certification to channel partners.

   CCNA Official Certification Library by Wendell Odom: Check out Odom's book on CCNA certification, which served as a basis for this CCNA study guide.

  The Guides  

Each part of our CCNA Study Guide tackles a major topic on the CCNA certification exam and includes resources plus a quiz to make sure you pass the exam. Once you've aced all five of our quizzes and checked out our resources, try our final exam before you take the real exam. All quiz questions came from the CCNA Official Exam Certification Library by Wendell Odom from Cisco Press.

Section #1: Basic networking concepts: Test your knowledge of basic networking concepts before you tackle the more advanced content.

Section #2: LAN fundamentals: Do you know enough about LAN switches and CLI? Find out in this section of our study guide.

Section #3: IP routing: IP routing is a major part of the CCNA certification exam. Make sure you know your stuff before you head into that exam and try our quiz first.

Section #4: WAN concepts: Is your knowledge of wide-area networks adequate? Take the quiz within our study guide and find out.

Section #5: Routing protocols: Can you tell OSPF from EIGRP? If not, brush up on your routing protocols with this study guide.

Final Section: Final Exam: Are you ready for the exam? Put all of your knowledge together and take our final exam.

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