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CCNA Study Guide

This guide lists free resources to help you prepare for Cisco's CCNA.

Between keeping customers happy and acquiring new ones, networking consultants and value-added resellers (VARs) have limited time to dedicate to CCNA exam preparation. This CCNA Study Guide is designed to get you started in the right direction. Read chapters from Cisco Press books before you invest your resources in them. Learn what's on the exam and how to prepare with resources from, a Cisco exam training resource center. And get answers to frequently asked questions. Finally, take a practice quiz to see how prepared you are to take the exam and let us know how you score.


   What's on the Exam
   Taking the Exam
   Expert Tips and Advice

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  • The Cisco three-layered hierarchical model
    This article defines and illustrates the three layers of Cisco's hierarchical internetworking model.

  • Cabling Cisco devices
    UTP cables are used in many configurations and for different purposes, as described here.

  • Book: CCNA Command Quick Reference: Configuring a router
    Chapter 3 of CCNA Command Quick Reference by Scott Empson provides information for configuring a router, covering everything from passwords and interfaces, to discussing show commands to verify the router configurations.

  • Book: CCNA Exam Cram 2, Second Edition: Concepts in IP addressing
    The CCNA exam(s) require a near-perfect fluency in subnetting. Success requires speed and accuracy in answering the many questions you will see on this topic. The key to this level of fluency is practice -- you must work at your skills until they become second nature. The section excerpted here discusses binary and hexadecimal numbering systems as compared with the more familiar decimal system.

  • Book: CCNA Portable Command Guide: VLSM
    CCNA Portable Command Guide by Scott Empson summarizes all CCNA certification-level Cisco IOS Software commands, keywords, command arguments and associated prompts, providing you with tips and examples of how to apply the commands to real-world scenarios. Configuration examples throughout the book provide you with a better understanding of how these commands are used in simple network designs. Chapter two, excerpted here, discusses Variable-length subnet masking (VLSM) -- the more realistic way of subnetting a network to make for the most efficient use of all of the bits.

  • Book: CCNA Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack: Determining IP routes
    CCNA Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack by Eric Rivard and Jim Doherty gives you three methods of proven late-stage CCNA exam preparation in one package. Here you'll find Chapter 3, Determining IP routes. This chapter includes a complete overview of IP routes, and then tests your knowledge with 63 question and answers.

  • Book: CCNA ICND Exam Certification Guide: Frame Relay
    Since Frame Relay is the most popular WAN technology used today, it's no surprise that Frame Relay is an important topic on the ICND exam. Chapter 11 of CCNA ICND Exam Certification Guide by Wendell Odom reviews the details of how Frame Relay accomplishes its goal of delivering frames to multiple WAN connected sites. It also describes the Frame Relay protocol details, along with the associated configuration.

  • Book: Self-Study: Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) 640-811, 640-801, Second Edition: Extending switched networks with virtual LANs
    Chapter 3 of CCNA Self-Study by Steve McQuerry explores how VLANs operate to provide more effective networks by controlling broadcasts in the network. To configure VLANs on a Catalyst switch, you must first configure VTP to administer VLANs. Therefore, you'll learn how VTP operates and how it is configured. You also learn how to create a trunk link to carry all VLAN traffic, and how to configure a VLAN.

  Taking the Exam  Return to Table of Contents

  • CCNA 640-801 primer
    This guide lists exam tracks and topics included in the test.

  • Cisco CCNA tips
    Here are some tips for taking the CCNA exam, including how to manage your time.

  • CCNA testing center guide
    In order to do their best, candidates should be prepared when they arrive at the testing center for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. Here's what you can expect at the exam center.

  Expert Tips and Advice  Return to Table of Contents

  • FAQ: How does CCNA compare to other certs? Answer

  • FAQ: What should I bone up on before attempting the CCNA? Answer

  • FAQ: What should person right out of the Cisco Networking Academy expect to earn as salary working as a CCNA? Answer

  • FAQ: How long after passing the CCNA do I have to take the CCSP and subsequent Cisco certs? Answer

  • FAQ: Where are the best networking jobs for a CCNA? Answer

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