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Business intelligence software ROI

Business intelligence (BI) software allows a reseller to be more responsive to their customer's needs, but that agility comes with a price. This guide will help you sell and deliver an effective BI solution.

Business intelligence (BI) software allows a company to make better business decisions through applications that gather, store, analyze and provide access to data , but project owners must decide if the benefits outweigh the costs of implementation. Let your customer's advisors guide you in addressing customer needs, then deliver BI effectively. This guide will help you along the way.

Overviews: Selling business intelligence

  • Learning Guide for Business Intelligence
    This guide introduces business leaders to the fundamentals of business intelligence software. It provides a "quick start" approach through articles, case studies, white papers and expert advice.

  • ROI calculator: Business intelligence
    This tool will help you assess the value of a business intelligence (BI) effort in your customer's environment.

  • The value of business intelligence
    How can BI help a customer? This tip points out the BI benefits, risks and costs.

  • Compliance and BI: Same mission, different approaches
  • Both BI and compliance initiatives are used to help manage a company's assets. But they offer completely different approaches to the same goal. This column discusses the differences and similarities between BI and compliance and how they can complement each other to achieve the same goal.
  • Embedded analytics: The next wave in business intelligence
    Business intelligence software has many strategic benefits to offer organizations. However, it is often not used to its fullest potential. This column reviews the benefits of embedded analytics and how they will take BI to the next level.

How-tos: Delivering business intelligence

Case studies: Meeting customer needs

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