Business analytics crash course: BI and BPM tools

Providing accurate business analytics can lead to greater profits for your clients and loyal clients for you. Determine what business intelligence (BI) and business process management (BPM) tools and services to offer.

Business analytics programs dissect business data so your clients can make informed decisions more quickly. Tools and best practices in this growing field -- including business intelligence (BI) and business process management (BPM) software and services -- allow you to help clients assess their data effectively and ultimately make decisions that will increase ROI. Learn more about business analytics in this crash course.

  • Business analytics trends: The future of business intelligence
    This tip includes excerpts from an interview with Howard Dresner, the self-proclaimed father of BI, and industry expert Wayne Eckerson's column on embedded analytics.
  • Business analytics how-tos: Automate smart decision making
    This interview with Mark Smith, CEO and SVP of Ventana Research, offers advice about business decision management and performance management best practices.
  • Business analytics tools: BI's new predictive analytics tools
    Both Microsoft and Hyperion Solutions Corp. released BI products that include analytics tools. Read this tip for more information on the latest in analytics products.
  • Business analytics tools: Evaluating analytics tools
    When it comes to offering your customers analytics tools, don't limit your choices. Think outside the box and look at tools used across industries.

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