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Business Process Management (BPM) Learning Guide

Business process management is spreading fast, which is good news for the channel -- business professionals will need technological guidance. Find out more about process management basics, solutions, opportunities and the possibilities that lie within BPM and Service Oriented Architecture (SEO).

 Business process management (BPM) is a fast-growing field as companies are working to adapt to an ever-changing...

business environment. The trend toward automating business tasks for greater efficiency, flexibility and adaptability is being fueled by the partnership between service oriented architecture (SOA) and BPM. This marriage not only gives you and your clients the ability to analyze and monitor business processes in real time, it provides an adaptable, user friendly architecture that allows you to modify processes as needed.

The good news for you, as a value-added reseller or consultant, is that business analysts don't generally have the technical expertise, and business process management software vendors don't always have the staffing, to keep up with current supply and demand. Take advantage of the opportunities that BPM presents to you. Help your customers get the optimum performance from their business processes and build ongoing consulting practices with the tips and how-tos in this learning guide.

Table of contents

  Home: Introduction
  1: What is business process management?
  2: How can you help your customers handle business process challenges?
  3: What BPM software should you choose?

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  • Business process management definition

  • Business and IT media channels are buzzing about what BPM has to offer small and midsized businesses (SMBs) as well as large enterprises. But what is business process management? According to our online dictionary, BPM is designed to make business processes more effective, efficient and adaptable to business needs. A subset of infrastructure management, BPM helps you maintain and optimize your clients' equipment and core operations.


  • How to become a business process management consultant

  • Business process management is generating so much interest because, as business environments change, companies are beginning to realize that they must identify better management tools and processes. Older technologies may limit BPM, but your customers may not understand what newer technologies can do. Launch your business process consulting business by helping customers take advantage of new BPM functionality using SAP, Microsoft and other technologies.


  • Business process services resellers should offer

  • In order to win a business process management sale, you must first ensure that BPM is a business sponsored and business driven activity -- or it will quickly fall of your clients' radar screens. Our BPM site expert Andre Truong explains that you have a great opportunity to offer technological and business process management consultant services if you're able to help clients identify the need.


  •   Table of contents

  •   Home: Introduction
      1: What is business process management?
      2: How can you help your customers handle business process challenges?
      3: What BPM software should you choose?
This was last published in June 2007

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