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Business Process Management (BPM) Fast Guide

Business process management is growing quickly! This is good news for the channel as business professionals will need technological guidance. Find out more about BPM basics, solutions, opportunities and the possibilities that lie within BPM and Service Oriented Architecture (SEO).

Business process management (BPM) is a field that is growing quickly as businesses are working on adapting to this ever-changing business environment. Automating business tasks towards greater efficiency, flexibility and adaptability is optimal. Also the partnership between service oriented architecture (SOA) and BPM is giving businesses the ability to analyze and monitor business processes in real-time. BPMS software vendors usually don't always have the staffing to keep up with current supply and demand. As technology professionals, BPM presents you a slew of opportunities to help your customers get the optimum performance from their business processes, as well as building on-going consulting practices. Learn more about what process management has to offer and how you can take advantage of it.

   Business process management (BPM) basics
   Business process work flow management tips and trends
   Channel opportunities through managing business process challenges
   Guidance for business process management software solutions

  Business process management (BPM) basics  Return to Table of Contents

  • Business process management definition

  • What is business process management? Check out our free online dictionary,

  • Channel opportunities: Become a business process management consultant

  • Business process management is a growing industry; A rapidly changing business environment requires that enterprise establishments seek quality management tools for business processes. Andre Troung talks about how channel experts can use SAP, Microsoft and other IT expertise to generate business through consulting customers on streamlining management processes.

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  • BPM and SOA: Q&A with IDS Scheer's Mathias Kirchmer

  • Business process management and service oriented architecture (SOA) were the hot topics at this year's ARIS ProcessWorld conference in February. SOA powered business management processes creates new capabilities for the use, including real-time business analytics. In this interview Kirchmer gives advice on how to approach the marriage between SOA and BPM software to create business process management solutions.

  • Business processes management success factors

  • As the trend towards streamlining and automating business processes grows, it also grows in complexity as end-users get more involved in choosing the technology and implementing the workflow software. Industry analysts from Gartner and IDS Scheer discuss the challenges and benefits of BPM and how to approach and succeed when working on a BPM project.

  • Process management bridges IT and business

  • Kiran Garimella, VP with the CTO's office at webMethods and author of The Power of Process discusses how management now calls the process management shots and forces IT to align with business needs. The good news is that when the communications lines are clear, business process management raises technology to the same level of importance as business, in the minds of business-users. Read more about how business process can give your customers a competitive edge through creating clear communication between business and technology, therefore saving time and money.

  • Keys to SAP business process success

  • Our sister site,, talked with Helen Sunderland, platinum consultant at SAP, Canada and Marilyn Pratt of BPX about what SAP is trying to accomplish, how SAP professionals can become business process experts and provide customers with the necessary process management solutions. This pod cast provides tips on how you can turn your SAP expertise into business opportunities.

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  • Business process management challenges present channel opportunities

  • The challenge presented by BPM is that often the person who creates the representation of the process doesn't have knowledge of the entire process from end-to-end. This emerging technology requires both technology experts and business experts to step back and think about business processes from a holistic vantage point. This guest commentary by Ronald Schmelzer, Senior Analyst, ZapThink, excerpted from our sister site, examines how IT professionals and business analysts can work together to create more efficiency, less overhead and increased analytic capabilities through business process solutions .

       Guidance for business process management software solutions  Return to Table of Contents

  • BPEL Learning GuideLearn how to implement Business Process Execution Language for Web service, or BPEL4WS. This learning guide will find articles, tips, expert advice about this XML-based language designed to enable task-sharing across multiple organizations. It allows all entities involved in a particular transaction to use the same processes in the same way.

  • Business analytics crash course: Business intelligence (BI) and business process management tools and trends

  • Business analytics and business process management provide the analytic and process management software tools that will help you assess data effectively and make decisions that increase ROI. This business analytics crash course includes information about current business intelligence trends, business analytics how-tos, tips and tools. Read more about how you can help your customers make smart business decisions through business analytics to

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