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Windows Vista security tips for resellers

Learn about Windows Vista security enhancements and sales considerations in this collection of resources from's Vista Security Project Guide.


Windows Vista Service Pack 1, code-named Fiji, has arrived but the update may not be enough to persuade your customers to jump on the Windows Vista bandwagon. As with any new Windows operating system release, undiscovered vulnerabilities are always a concern in the early going. The good news is Vista is being touted as the most secure version of Windows to date, and our sister site is providing a Vista Security Project Guide to help you better understand the new features and sales considerations. You'll find the following categories in the project guide:

How to sell Vista security: Advice to help you overcome the challenges of selling Vista security by educating customers on its strengths and weaknesses.

Windows Vista security features: From firewall enhancements to malware protection, get up to speed on the latest Windows security enhancements.

Windows Vista configuration: Learn how to properly set up and lock down Windows Vista from the get-go.


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