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Windows Server 2008 launch scheduled for February

Microsoft Server 2008 will be launched next February with new features. This excerpt from our sister site SearchWinIT will tell you what to expect.

IT Reseller Takeaway: If your customers are looking ahead to a Windows Server 2008 upgrade, Microsoft will launch the new server in February 2008. This excerpt from our sister site SearchWinIT provides the where and the when.

Microsoft's launch of Windows Server 2008, which is now set for February of next year along with new versions of SQL Server and Visual Studio, is already being billed as the most important enterprise launch in the company's history.

It is also likely to be the last hurrah for Bill Gates, Microsoft's chairman, who will be stepping away from his day-to-day role at Microsoft in July. The company said this week that it will launch its 2008 versions of Windows Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio on February 27 in Los Angeles. The launch will not have any impact on development schedules however.

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