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Windows Server 2008: To migrate or not to migrate

Windows Server 2008 will be released in the blink of an eye. There will be a lot to consider when helping customers decide whether or when to upgrade. This excerpt from our sister site can help.

IT Reseller Takeaway: With the Windows Server 2008 release date right around the corner, your customers are probably starting to think about a server upgrade now. Seize the opportunity and learn as much as you can about Microsoft's newest offering. This excerpt from our sister site will get you started by getting you familiar with the server's newest features.
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With Windows Vista already on the shelf and Windows Server 2008 ready for release in February 2008, one thing is on every IT manager's mind – migration.

You probably have a beta version of Windows Server 2008 already running somewhere, and your staff is already pushing to install the latest and greatest.

To help ease your pain, here are a few of the top reasons to migrate to Windows Server 2008:

  • Product support lifecycle
  • Read-only domain controller
  • Server Core
  • Terminal Services
  • File System Improvement
  • PowerShell
  • Windows Hardware Error Architecture
  • Virtualization
Visit Microsoft's Window's Server 2008 Product Overview page to learn more about these features. Read the entire article for more details at

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