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Vista deployment tips for resellers

From selling customers on the new OS to testing applications for compatibility, the resources here will make every reseller wise in the ways of Vista.

Introducing any new operating system to the network brings a variety of concerns, including -- but not limited...

to -- security. Microsoft's Windows Vista has been touted as the most secure version of Windows to date. However, no OS is perfectly secure. As your customer's trusted technology adviser, you need to be aware of potential security and compatibility issues. The better you're able to anticipate and heed off problems, the smoother your customers' deployment will be, and that will reflect well on you. Consider these resources from our sister site,, on Vista deployment:

  • Basics -- Vista pricing, volume licensing, new features and downloads, these resources will introduce you to the new Microsoft operating system and help you start realizing business opportunities.
  • Strategy -- From partner sites to technology collaboration opportunities, these resources will outline points to consider when developing Vista product suites and selling Vista offerings to customers.
  • Compatibility -- Featuring a channel-specific tip on how to test your customers' applications for Vista compatibility, these tips offer some basic tests to follow before attempting a full-on Vista deployment.
  • Hardware -- Find out which Windows Vista hardware investments work, which don't work and where it's not worth being cheap.
  • Deployment -- Avoid Windows Vista deployment problems by taking into account the tools, best practices and warnings here.
  • Interface -- Windows Vista's new user interface and basic functionality may pose some hurdles in getting your customers up and running. These resources explain what to expect from the new UI.


This was last published in April 2007

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