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Troubleshooting Windows VPN connectivity on the server side

If your customer's VPN connectivity problem isn't originating on the client side, then it's time to troubleshoot the server side. This tip focuses on some common areas you should address on the server side when troubleshooting your customer's VPN connection problems.

Windows VPN connectivity troubleshooting turns to the server side once it has been made clear that the problem isn't coming from the client side. Here we take a look at some of the common areas you should address on the server side when troubleshooting your customer's Windows VPN connection problems.

Troubleshooting Windows VPN servers

Windows VPN
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The Windows remote access server allows VPN clients to authenticate and to transparently connect to an internal network as if they have a direct connection to that network.

There are several aspects of the remote access server that can create issues when a VPN client connects. The VPN server must be configured properly to allow remote access. If a user is experiencing connectivity issues and you have already validated that the client is configured properly and that the end user has network reachability to the server segment, follow these steps.

  1. Validate that the server is enabled to allow remote access.
  2. Validate the authentication provider.
  3. Validate the authentication method.

Learn more about troubleshooting the server side of your customer's Windows VPN, including an expanded task list.

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