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Top security channel tips and topics for 2009

What were your favorite tips and topics for 2009? Check out the top network security articles, the top information security certification articles as well as the most popular compliance tips on

As 2009 draws to a close, it's safe to say that many are looking forward to the new year. While 2009 was a rocky year in many respects, the readers of still craved information and advice on numerous existing and emerging security channel topics.

It comes as no surprise that network security, certifications and compliance rank as some of the most popular topics of the year. Read on to find out which specific tips and articles made those three topics the most popular on the site.

Top network security articles and tips

How to perform a network security audit
Early in 2009, contributor David Jacobs explained how to perform the most effective network security audit for customers. This type of service was one that he thought would come in handy for the security channel, especially during a recession. Check out David's advice on performing a network security audit, which, even as we may be coming out of the recession, will prove helpful.

Web application firewall market is hot for resellers, service providers
This article on the state of the Web application firewall (WAF) market outlines why WAFs have become so popular, and how solution providers can capitalize on selling and servicing these products.

Implementing IDS/IPS technologies: Managing politics and accountability
In order to illustrate a successful deployment of IDS and IPS, contributor Ken Harthun uses this tip to detail the true story of a project he worked on. Learn what struggles he encountered when working with customers on IDS and IPS, and how he overcame those struggles.

Top information security certification articles and tips chooses top 3 security certifications
Early in the year, revealed its choices for the top three security certifications. Does your organization already have them?

Cisco announces new CCNA certification
Cisco news and stories are always a hit with our network security readers. The networking giant announced a new security certification in August. What does it cover? Find out in this news article.

Developing a security vendor certification strategy
Working with a number of different vendors can make for a confusing trek through the terrain of vendor certifications. In this tip, Andrew Plato explains how to create a vendor certification strategy that will make it easier to manage your organization's expertise.

Top compliance tips and articles

PCI compliance guide: A resource for solution providers
This guide provides a comprehensive look at the complex world of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It covers the basics through advanced PCI DSS tips and advice.

How to turn HIPAA compliance changes into opportunities
Another compliance standard that warrants a great deal of attention is HIPAA. In this tip, contributor David Mortman outlines the changes made to HIPAA earlier this year, and how solution providers can take advantage of them.

Getting to know the NERC CIP standards
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has written a set of standards that addresses the security of the bulk electric system. Learn about NERC compliance, and stay tuned in 2010 for more information on this hot topic.

Data breach prevention techniques: Helping customers avoid data breaches
Once again this year, several high-profile data breaches made headlines. In this special bonus tip, Allen Zuk explains the measures solution providers can take to ensure that they or their customers do not experience a data breach. Read through his advice now to make sure you are doing everything possible to protect your customers, as well as your own company.

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