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Top security book excerpts of 2007

These chapter downloads were the most popular with security service providers in 2007, covering topics such as how to define access directions with firewalls, block file extensions and track botnets.

Check out our top five chapter downloads of 2007. These excerpts from recent security books were the most popular with security service providers like you this year, covering topics such as defining access directions and shunning traffic with firewalls, how to track botnets and how to block file extensions. Read our featured excerpts, then download the full chapters to learn more.


Defining access directions through firewalls
A firewall differentiates its interfaces by providing more security to some and less security to others. By properly defining these connections, your clients' firewalls can be more secure. Learn how the interfaces relate to each other and how access is provided through a firewall, whether it be outbound access, inbound access or same security access.


Virtual honeypots: Tracking botnets
As a security device, virtual honeypots are as effective as traditional honeypots but easier to build, deploy and maintain. In this book excerpt from Addison-Wesley, you'll learn about the danger of botnets and how honeypots can help you track down and eliminate threats.


SSCP Domain 7: Malicious code -- Blocking file extensions
Domain 7 of the SSCP addresses malicious code, including viruses, worms, logic bombs and Trojan horses. This excerpt from the Official (ISC)2 Guide to the SSCP CBK takes a look at double file extensions and offers a list of file extensions to block to protect systems from malware.


Shunning traffic through a firewall
Malicious hosts can open connections into your clients' protected networks. Learn how to use shun commands to block malicious connections through a firewall.


This book excerpt explores using SSH (Secure Shell Host) to link any two applications securely, as well as how to set up an ad hoc VPN that links two networks.

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