Top five systems service provider tips of 2007

Systems service providers were most interested in learning about Windows Vista installation, migration and compatibility in 2007. Upgrading to Oracle 10g and virtual machines licensing were also key concerns. Check out the year's top five tips.

Microsoft Windows Vista installation and compatibility were hot topics for systems service providers in 2007. They were also eager to learn about upgrading a customer database to Oracle 10g and licensing virtual machines. Check out the rest of the top systems tips of 2007 and take a look at the information your peers were most interested in.

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Windows Vista installation dos and don'ts
Windows Vista installations are still lagging in the enterprise, making now a good time to identify best practices (and worst practices) for inevitable Windows Vista installations.

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Run older Windows applications on Vista with Virtual PC Express
Older Windows applications can run on Vista's Enterprise Edition with Virtual PC Express.

TIP #3----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Windows Vista and Unix integration opportunities
Unix shops may be averse to even considering Microsoft Windows Vista, but there are some tactics you could take to demonstrate the benefits of Unix/Vista integration.

TIP #4----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Oracle 10g: Database upgrade guide
Upgrading to Oracle 10g can be challenging. This guide offers advice so VARs can make the database upgrade process go smoothly.

TIP #5----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Virtual machine licensing: Caveman-proof VMware product calculations
VMware product licensing is simple with the company's three virtual machine licensing levels for ESX Server, as part of VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3).

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